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the neuroscience behind negative vs positive thinking

@ShannonSeek the creator of #mindsetAIM allowing intentional mind and the Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0 (read her story)

Because I can make a mess faster than any of you, and likely clean it up faster, too….I’ve got good news for you when it comes to mindset and the Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0 (OOM).

OOM 2.0 has #mindsetAIM allowing intentional mind (now the fulcrum of the OOM lever to being “all that” naturally). Pragmatic. Deliberate. Bypass resistance by retraining the brain while you do what you are already doing each day,  just with a little insight and awareness.  I am so excited for everyone who KNOWS this is what they’ve been “seeing” and waiting to have. 

My best work usually begins with fixing my own mess-making tendencies AND fulfilling requests from you to address well-being, mindset, etc. as a way to have sustainable business freedom and ideal lifestyle priorities using my knack to simplify the organizing, to make it natural to you.

Everything I teach gets tested extensively. I think this was the most intense work I’ve ever done as it took me to every dark corner of my universe the last 2.5 years and I’ve addressed negative influences, distractions, resistance that I had, clients and colleagues have had.

I can’t wait to see what happens as this work reaches those of you who have secretly and not so secretly longed for a super pragmatic way to get the outcomes you seek — when you are able to see what is yours is created and waiting for you to recognize the energy you need to have. Yes, it also incorporates my #LeadershipDNA Values Weave and the #4PillarsFocus (purpose, connection, control, progress). I am IN LOVE. 

One of the biggest takeaways so far is this….

  • Every time we have a win, we need to spend 8-20 seconds to burn it into our brain memory as the brain gives 4X attention to negative stuff.
  • The WAY TO HACK and counter this is to do mini-brain workouts.
  • This is based in neuroscience. As you continue down this page you will see the 17 second videos that will help you do this!
  • The more you grow, the more order you need to reinforce to your brain you are doing positive stuff.

My work is the ultimate systems for systems (not a brag, just my entire life is devoted to this and I see it).  Organizing the organized. (I did help the main Professional Organizing associations out the start their virtual training programs in the late 1990’s-00s via Seek Solutions’, now all under Seek Solutions.) 

Do you want to spend 400 hours learning how to systematize what you are doing on your own or a few sessions with Shannon over the next month?

— Alex Mandossian,

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the 3-day organized mindset lift

The 3-day Organize Mindset Lift will be introducing the #mindsetAIM (allowing intentional mind) component via the Organic Organizing Matrix sm (OOM) system that has a 97% success rate in helping high-achievers like yourself, you are reading this, you know it! This goes back 17 years. I took it all offline at one point to focus on research and revise, upgrade and right now the only way to get access to this powerful work is direct participation in one of my events, programs or being a private client. 

#mindsetAIM is the fulcrum of the Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0 lever (9 essential actions and 3 secrets organized superachievers use to be more focused, effective and organized naturally).

The 3-day Organized Mindset Lift will be insightful and help especially the most organized see a possible blindspot to watch out for, giving you an essential action to handle it off the bat. This work draws upon regular day-to-day routines, not adding more to your to-do list, simply making all you do that much more impactful, and woven to strengthen your foundation.

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awesome brain tools #mindsetAIM #17secondRESET

Below are some awesome brain tools — three different flavors of the #17secondRESET videos. “17 seconds of uncontradicted thought = 2000 work hours” — Abraham Hicks, Law of Attraction.

One way to use these is to watch thinking of something big or small you just did that is a win. It will build your ability to have security, satisfaction and love be more natural to you as a HUMAN WITH AN AMYGDALA (so that mean everyone)!


Every time we have a win, we need to spend 8-20 seconds to burn it into our brain memory as the brain gives 4X attention to negative stuff. The WAY TO HACK and counter this is to do mini-brain workouts. This is based in neuroscience.

Shannon is a person living into her purpose — she soo inspirational!

As a teacher of intention practices myself, I told Shannon to keep on shining her joy, inviting people like you and me to articulate our intentions. This feeds directly into the universal field allowing it to manifest more directly and quickly — just as her AIM program describes.

We turn off way too quickly, and Shannon has a natural ability to turn us back on.  I look forward to seeing her touch as many people as she can, over and over again.

— Susan Fisher M.B.A., Co-founder at 9 Energies and Author of the 9 Energies: Practices for Presence –Body-based Insight for Living a Life of Purpose

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Just a few of our many awesome clients over the past two decades who have benefitted from Shannon Seek’s Organic Organizing Matrix sm principles and trainings….

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