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  • a note on our tested and proven geeky instructions

    These instructions have been used over countless millions of minutes, by 1000’s of coaches and businesses – they work!

    Remember, this is a fluid process and how you flow is more important than perfection. Any time technology is involved, you have less control over potential issues, and you can make the most of it each time with patience and trust.

    A frustrated caller, for example, is a passionate, interested caller, and their challenge may be entirely user related. They just need you to care. And, we are here, too, to help. Enjoy the process of sharing great knowledge!

conference call and online meeting etiquette

  • minimize background noise

    • Do not breathe into the mouthpiece of your phone or computer headset mic as it is disruptive.
    • If you will be taking notes via a computer keyboard that could be heard by others be sure you are muted.
    • 3.5 mm connectors/jacks (earbuds, headsets) are NOT GROUNDED–they may cause interference with technology in the environment.
    • Avoid speakerphones. Use the hand-held receiver for speaking or a headset.
    • Cell phones work on radio waves. Avoid cell phoneswith a broken connection.Do not call from a moving vehicle, whether or not you are the one driving.
    • If you use a cordless phonestay close to the base to avoid static.
  • minimize interruptions

    • Please turn off the ringer on any other phone line in your vicinity.
    • Do not put the call on hold if you have music on hold. If you do, the other participants will hear your music until you return. Mobile app users — if you go to another app and still a participant on video and audio (you will still be heard). 
    • If you have call waiting, disconnect it before calling. With most phone systems, you can do this by dialing (*70).
    • If you must use a cell phone, use it from a parked location with a strong signal and automatically mute yourself.
    • If you have an unlimited long distance plan or are on mobile, you may experience “low-cost-carrier” issues connecting to a conference call (i.e., dropped calls). Be patient and call back in again. Try moving around less in your space to keep your cell-tower connection, too. Don’t make a “big deal” about this.
  • speak-up, speak clearly

    • Leaders — encourage callers to speak up, even mid-call or meeting. It benefits all listeners to hear easily.
    • Normal or soft speakers speak more loudly.
    • Loud speaker, you are probably just right (believe it or not!).
      • If you are getting feedback from your mouthpiece, play with the position until you like the sound.
      • On the video and audio conference you can adjust your settings — be sure to run etiquette 1-2-3 (takes 3 minutes to learn and 1 minute to do when you enter the meeting (eliminates 99% of user error).
  • conference call and online meeting manners

    • Use your mute button or the function in your instructions to mute with your phone keypad when you’re not speaking, then release your mute button to un-mute if you need to speak. Use Talk-Lock-Love @seekcollab if using hd audio in the online meeting. 
    • Use a land telephone line (corded phone) to call in to the conference bridge. Or, a cell phone with lots of bars, in a quiet place. Make sure your batteries are charged (phones and computers). 
    • Please call the given conference call / bridge line number at the exact time you are scheduled–if you call in too early, you may interrupt another group’s conference call. You can use for the accurate time, matching the time zone of your event.
    • When you call, you may hear others on the line. Wait to be greeted before introducing yourself.
    • If you are late to a teleclass, dial in and be silent until you are clear about what is going on in the call or for an instructor to greet you.
    • If you leave the teleconfernce early, do not announce you are leaving. Just hang up.
    • Please note you are calling a special number and should only call during your scheduled conference call time, as it may be in use by other parties at other times.
  • questions and discussion

    • Interaction may or may not be welcomed throughout the program.
    • As a moderator, be clear to let participants know if, when and how you are taking questions.
    • As a participant, ask to be recognized when you wish to speak, and wait to be called on. Or, you may have handraising options on the conference bridge or you can request to speak @seekcollab video, audio, sharing and chat web conferencing. 
    • Before you begin to speak, always say your name.
  • equipment logistics

    • Make sure your headset connector is all the way in and fits (even brand-new ones can be broken, check this!).
    • Be sure to TEST the working condition of your equipment before-hand.
    • Phone wise — If you are using a prepaid calling card, make sure you have ample minutes. Any warnings such as “you have one minute left” will most likely be heard by callers, plus you will have to disconnect and reconnect if you run out of time.
    • Use computer or internet based dial-up methods with awareness. If you are using Skype to dial-in, it may hijack your audio and make it impossible to join Video kind-of-thing.

conference call troubleshooting

  • echoes

    Causes: Long distance connection in most cases. Other–speaker phones, head sets, cell phones, low bandwidth VOIP (internet phoning), delays due to overseas connections.

    Basic Correction Methods –

    • GUESTS mute using the system (not just their own phones).
    • A HOST can mute the call so only those speaking can be heard.
    • If the echo started when a certain caller joined, have them call back.
    • If it is unknown who brought the echo, have everyone mute until it disappears.

    Note: If the above does not work, the HOST probably has the echo.

    • Have the HOST call back in for a better connection.
    • If that doesn’t work, have the HOST call in again on a different long distance carrier (e.g., if you are on a calling card, try a different company’s calling card or a cell phone). The call will NOT be disconnected when HOST leaves and calls back in. A host needs to be connected to the bridge to use the online viewer on some systems, once the host reconnects the viewer will work.

    Worst case scenario is having everyone hang-up and call back in again.

  • static, talking in the background, clicking noises, cutting out

    Probable causes –

    • Computer/internet based dial-up with too little bandwidth (VOIP).
    • Satellite connections.
    • Cell, speaker, cordless phones with conflicting signals.
    • A headset amplifier that needs batteries.
    • Headset issues –
      • Poor quality/needs replaced.
      • The connection is damp, has static, needs plugged in completely.
      • Disconnect, wipe contact clean and reconnect.
    • A cell phone, cordless phone, fax, wireless router or other equipment causing interference next to your phone.
    • User’s carrier is short on bandwidth, or oversold. Have an alternative way to call in to the bridge, just in case, always.
    • Be in best location for reception. Find a good spot and don’t move around.
  • passcode errors or can’t get in

    • ERROR MESSAGE #1: “We are sorry, we are unable to connect you to the
      conference.” Call back and enter your code more promptly.
    • ERROR MESSAGE #2: “Password is invalid.”
      Note:  This bridge works via “toning” frequencies from your touch tone phone. Just hang-up and start over. CELL PHONES –
      • no talking while entering
      • CELL PHONE – plugin headset AFTER entering code
  • be sure you are delivering the correct information to the bridge

    • Make sure you dialed the correct bridge and have the correct passcodes.
    • Make sure you are calling at the correct time.
    • If your phone display shows you entered the correct numbers, hang up, try again.
    • Press the keys firmly and slowly. Avoid talking, moving around, or background noise when pressing the keys.
    • The tones from the keys must be conveyed clearly to the system. Other noises can interfere.
    • Try a different phone or a different long distance carrier.
    • Call tech support (reference info with your bridge) to make sure your bridge is working properly if you can’t get in. As long as the bridge is working, it is probably your key pad or phone connection
    • If you suddenly get disconnected (call back), this is usually a long distance carrier/network issue.
  • other errors

    • Warning Message –  During your call, you hear “time is up.” This is from a calling card. We do not have automated warnings.
    • All Circuits are Busy / Busy Signal – We manage our lines at 60% capacity or less as a goal, meaning you are generally guaranteed space on our lines.
      • Your long distance carrier may be busy or having an outage (are you on a cell phone?).
      • You hit redial and it dialed too fast.
      • Try another carrier just in case, especially if you are using “cheap” or unlimited long distance.
      • Call tech support if you think it is the bridge.
      • Breathe. Relax. Technical issues happen and it is how your respond that matters.
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