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how-to have awesome online meetings using cloud-based video conferencing + high-end collaboration tools

how-to ace sound, video and login — basic set-up and instructions

  • how-to login

    • click url to join (or, copy and paste url into browser address bar or mobile app)
    • host login (registered user) – turns on the studio.
    • guest login — use name to be seen, enter studio-password if there is one.
    • mobile users — click url, replace “Guest” with name to be seen, slide to “Yes”
    • desktop (laptop) — etiquette 1 – run-sound-check will make sure you’ve allowed access flash and your camera/mic in your browser
    • change avatar name —  go to > participants window > click top menu > “change nickname”

basic how-to online video conferencing etiquette

more details covered in conference call etiquette

  • written how-to’s:  minimizing distractions during your online meetings….

    • Do not breathe into the mouthpiece of your headset.
    • If you will be taking notes via a computer keyboard that could be heard by others be sure you are muted using the Talk-Lock-Grey (that is if you are a speaker).
    • 3.5 mm connectors/jacks (earbuds, headsets) are NOT GROUNDED–they may cause interference with technology in the environment.
    • Avoid outloud speakers always and speakerphones of any kind. 
    • Declutter the background behind you to maximize your bandwidth and minimize distractions.
    • If you are going to be seen on video, consider wearing clothes that do not take away from the focus and having a non-busy background.

how-to use desktop etiquette 123, performance and system check

  • how-to check your system — desktop performance

    desktops — check the browser you are using now (mobile app – get app)

    • Bandwidth.
    • Security and connectivity.
    • Versions of Flash player, browser, system.
    • Installation status of screen sharing in-browser app-for desktop sharing or remote control (allows access to use your desktop or vice-versa). Under-“Options>Preferences>System Performance” in Studio. You do not need this tool if you are just using the whiteboard with .png screenshots (lightest bandwidth), for example.

    system check @seekcollab view

how-to use the mobile app — etiquette and performance

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