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Seek Solutions enterprise + coach @seekcollab cloud-based video conferencing + online collaboration

  • your mission….

    If you choose to accept it, your mission is to upgrade your document sharing, online collaboration + meetings with ease. Uncomplicated pricing. Unlimited moderators.

  • our mission + pledge to you….

    Providing B2B Enterprise, small business + B2C lifestyle educators + IT departments like you an online meeting oasis to meet, teach + awaken your inner circle with ease. Onboarding tour @seekcollab (training) is free!

    Giving you out-of-the-box solutions to be a meeting organization whiz!  Allowing allow you to set-up things in advance, leave things in between (less redoing the same work over and over, less lost files +time!), create reception, sales areas, or rooms for just one use set-up and ready to go….You having the #4pillarsFocus = happiness pillar of Connection in full-swing! 

onboarding tour @seekcollab

how-to @seekcollab videos VaaS

part 1 of 3: get up and running @seekcollab

1. etiquette 1-2-3 @seekcollab

What is cool about etiquette @seekcollab is it takes less than 1 minute to-do. It is great to simply share this with people ahead of time, if they are planning to be on video. More on basic instructions

Still, it is always faster to play the videos inside your program for new users that don’t practice ahead of time, than to wing-it (we’ve tested, it is really easy to waste time on troubleshooting, so don’t!)! 

Conference call etiquette is how Shannon Seek originally grew an organic search-based business at for Seek Solutions’ since the late 1990’s. 

Cloud-based (browser + mobile app) video + online collaboration etiquette is user experience friendly. It took 1 year to titrate the most important parts and to make 3:15 minutes of training video (so use it please!)! Really.

Note: Occasionally browser updates may make some things a little different, however, it is the tried and true stuff.

@seekcollab user guide and open demos

time: 5-10 minutes


Must have pdf guide to the basic how-tos on using @seekcollab video + collaboration. Live-linked to (this site) resources and videos.

3. @seekcollab conferencing vaas

VaaS cloud-based video conferencing + online collaboration (Seek Solutions’ since 1996 conference calls, too). 

4. telemedicine takeaway flyer

time: 5-10 minutes


Simple overview and takeaway flyer for telemedicine professionals. Live linked to resources and videos. 

part 2 of 3:  hosting your inner circle online @seekcollab 1, 2, 3, 4

1. using video @seekcollab

How-to make and stream integrated video, audio screencasts and play youtube videos in online meetings @seekcollab.

2. powerpoint, whiteboard @seekcollab

Teaching, training, sharing with ease. Upload things in advance. How-to play powerpoint slides/do powerpoint slideshows, sharing + save using the whiteboard. 

4. centralized leader dash + breakout rooms

How-to have total freedom via a centralized dashboard and our unique twist on reception areas @seekcollab. Be super organized in advance. Breakout rooms can be set-up in advance — have a sales room, green room or orientation area during your program!

Or, just leave up shared presentation materials to come back to any time. Or, specific charts to share with patients for telemedicine. 

part 3 of 3:  rock it like silicon valley royalty 1, 2, 3, 4

3.  troubleshooting vaas

How-to troubleshoot + roll like silicon valley royalty @seekcollab cloud-based video conferencing + high-end online collaboration membership. 

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