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personalized service – toll-free audio conferencing – tier-1 long distance – 99.99% uptime  –  pay per minute/user (keep costs low)

The joy of functioning technology is simplicity – the ability to focus. 

Have professional, hard-wired FCC-regulated connections that travel underground to the same kind of system hardware NASA uses (yes, the U.S.A. space program).

Have one area of your business totally handled – put the time and money saved back into your business! – @shannonseek  founder,

Shannon Seek, B.S. CPCC CPO

  • 1- 1.  Business benefits to you, your company + organization….

    • Affordable, business class, high-end.
    • Convenient and professional.
    • Minimize dropped calls from unlimited long-distance and mobile-users (only the first cell-tower will matter, i.e., based on where caller location) by bypassing “least-cost-carrier” connections.
    • Fast, excellent, personalized service from our team of seasoned staff – experienced support people with consistent schedules and availability to you.
    • Get the right help immediately – save time on hold, follow-up and take pressure off of you and your own staff.
    • Our expertise gives a boost to you and your staff – save your training, learning and development time for your business!
    • Stop worrying about important productions – our experienced planners and support staff rise to the occasion of your Operator Assisted Board & Share Holder or Continuing Education Programs.

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  • 1-2.  Features – platinum or black-card service….

    • Tier-1 means 99.99% uptime, highest quality, FCC Regulated.
    • Standing number and dial-in information (most-popular) or change as often as you’d like.
    • No set up fees or minimums.
    • Billed after the fact based on usage.
    • Reservationless (no operator needed) – add-on operator-assisted services available with Black-Card Services.
    • 24/7 access to reservationless services (no operator needed to join) and tech support.
    • Experienced, seasoned, consistent staff interactions – know us by name, we will know you by name.
    • Two service level options starting at 7 cents USD/min Platinum Service.
    • Level-up to Black-Card Service –
      • Same kind of hardware and connections NASA uses – yes, the space program.
      • Option to add fully-staffed operator assisted calls for shareholder events, board meetings or continuing education programs without changing information.
      • Operator on-call feature by pressing 0.
      • Required to add international toll-free access – an add-on service.

    *plus tax, universal service related fees
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  • 1-3.  You can trust us to do a great job for you using the highest standards….

    Tier-1 – FCC-regulated – meeting highest quality standards.

    • Tier-1 long-distance bypasses “least-cost-carrier” lines (dropped calls, dead air and never-ending ringing) as well as dropped cell-tower and satellite connections often experienced by mobile and unlimited long-distance landline users.
    • Translation – A cell-phone user will only need to concern themselves with getting on their network (starting the call, nearest cell tower) and battery strength.

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  • 1-4.  Do you need international toll-free service?….

    Not just the U.S. long-distance number to join your 800 toll-free conference calls?

    • Sign-in, request service by submitting your order form.
    • Check the box to request a follow-up with one of our supervisors.
    • This service requires Black-Card 800 Services (12 cents/min USD for U.S. and Canadian callers).

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working with us

  • how it works when you request service….

    • Once approved, you will receive an (800) number and a (U.S.) toll number for your passcodes (Host/Guest Pins).
    • International callers use the toll (U.S.) number. Please also inquire with Mary or Susan regarding international toll-free service is that is essential to your business model.
    • Phone numbers and email contact information reach tech support directly (real people or answering service & on-call supervisor, no voicemail or extensions).
    • Please feel free to call ahead with questions once you’ve requested the sign-up form.
    • Operator-Assisted Calls
      • Speak with an experienced staff member to schedule program.
      • Address goals, needs and desired outcomes.
      • Set a call agenda with confidence.

    Two Ways to Sign-Up

    • Print & Fax:
    • Fill-in and Upload to our DropBox.
  • options – you decide

    • Set-up re-usable 24/7 access pins (most popular) or 1-time calls (new set of pins each time).
    • Service available for Canadian callers upon request, same rates apply.
    • Be billed by the call, the month for open-ended-use pins; or, one call only.
    • Reservationless 24/7 (never needs scheduled) Toll-Free Calls, Operator Assisted Calls or a combination of both. Same pins and dial-in information or not.
    • We are known for our Operator Assisted services specializing in Board & Shareholder meetings, Q & A sessions, Continuing Education Programs.
  • hours of operation*

    Please request sign-up access by filling in the form below to obtain tech support contact information – we like to know you!
    4:30 AM – 8 PM Pacific
    4:30 AM – 6 PM Pacific
    7:30 AM – 12:30 PM Pacific
    Sundays On-call only.

    *Answering service with on-call Manager other hours.

pricing examples

  • pricing – reservationless toll-free

    Tier-1 800 Toll-Free Conference Calling – Reservationless

    • Platinum – Tier-1 Long Distance – 7 cents/min USD per caller for toll-free, 3 cents/min USD per caller  U.S. toll-based number (for international callers to dial-in to same system, pay own-long distance).
    • Level-up – Black-Card Service –
      • Standing Toll-free-800-dial-in ($0.12*/min USD)
      • Toll-local ($0.07*/min USD) – useful for international access, caller pays own long-distance.
      • Same kind of hardware and connections NASA uses – yes, the space program!
      • Option to add fully-staffed operator assisted calls for shareholder events, board meetings or continuing education programs without changing information.
      • Operator on-call feature by pressing 0.
      • Required to add international toll-free access – an add-on service.

    * Plus taxes, universal service fees.

  • pricing – operator assisted toll-free

    Tier-1 800 Toll-Free Conference Calling – Operator Assisted Conference Calls

    • Standing Toll-free-800-dial-in ($0.30*/min USD) with Toll-local ($0.24*/min USD) number linked option (international caller access).
    • Schedule, Plan & Execute brilliant call productions with our committed and seasoned staff.
    • Get to know and work with the same Operators and Event Planners each time.
    • Keep same Host/Participant Pins or change them.
    • Facilitated Q and A Sessions, Sub-conferences (Breakout Rooms) for Leaders, Polls, continuing education standards using our Operator Assisted attendance tracking.
      Once you submit your request for services, please inquire about additional operator services and fees. Thank you!

    * Plus taxes, universal service fees.

  • pricing example

    A 30 minute call, 5 participants using reservationless toll-free (800) Tier-1 service:
    • 5 callers X 12 cents per minute = 60 cents per minute for your call.
    • 60 cents X 30 minutes = $18.00 USD plus tax and universal fees.
  • marginal utility – sometimes paying a few cents more will save thousands….

    Decrease opportunity cost using professional support on many fronts.

    • Save time and money in regards to your most important meetings/events. Let our experienced staff help you plan and make decisions about call protocols – bypass planning/execution gridlock.
    • Boost business & morale by knowing you are in good hands. We’ve seen what works over the course of thousands of similar scenarios.
    • Make the most of your meeting time with your CEO, board members and key shareholders or clients by having well-facillitated calls.
    • Meet continuing education standards using our Operator Assisted attendance tracking, without having to set-up an elaborate automation process or tax, overburdened staff in your own office.

to get access

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