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Imagine real people helping you set things up so you can be HIPPA compliant (USA) or meet all of your privacy standards, plus manage a beautiful office virtually. Including reception area, staff areas, private chat between rooms (“exam” and “orientation”). 

We’ve even created a service to set your online office up for you (and, with you). You can describe to us what you need and we will help you get what is possible without the headaches of hiring additional IT people. Think of us as your extending IT training, development and tech support team!

We use this stuff for our consulting business and have been involved as pioneers in this industry for more than 20 years. Our system is based on an internationally big industry, university tested system out of Barcelona via Texas. And, it includes the unique hacks industry pioneer, Shannon Seek, brings to the table for a cosmopolitan, high-end feel to your telemedicine ventures. 

My goal is for you to say – ‘This is so easy I’m telling all of my friends….

My goal is for you to say – ‘This is so easy I’m telling all of my friends about @seekcollab cloud-based video conferencing, chat and sharing. I can use it for my meetings, teaching and training in place of  Skype® or the last generation webinar system I’ve been tolerating. There is even a cool training tour – sign up for it!’  — Shannon Seek  founder, www.seeksolutions.com

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