Purpose – AIM – Do. Be. Have what you love. How-to start feeling what you want….

(Raise your purpose threshold….)

#4pillarsfocus by Shannon Seek

The easy way¬†to AIM –¬†Press Play….

get deliberate, dependable results by feeling exactly how it feels….including right after your success happens

Daily AIM (allowing intentional mind) for Logical Success

listen to a two minute exercise written and narrated by Shannon Seek on using aim

Take a minute to enjoy how good you feel….start-feeling-what-you-want.

Direct recognition of the exact experience you desire this moment to be satisfied. 

  • Recognition is closure.
  • Stopping and starting is easier.¬†
  • Transitions.¬†You welcome them as part of the journey.
  • You use all of your energy to stay connected to that which you attracted and yearn to keep.
  • Decision making¬†= ‘no brainer’ action.¬†

Feel your happiness success when you are having it instead of it passing you by like a dream or something happening to someone else. 

You must recognize and feel your experience simultaneously, or not. Thing is, knowing where you are comes next. 

  • seeing
  • feeling
  • smelling
  • tasting
  • hearing

Knowing the ambient, sensuous, experience of living and life you aim to have.

It is about closing the gap between what is and what is becoming.

The result is that when your desired experience is happening, you have….

  • Clear recognition of yourself.
  • Clear awareness of¬†your senses.
  • Clarity of the people, animals and things surrounding you.
  • And, there is a little twist to lock it in, that happens at the very¬†end….where you also notice the mundane next thing, like doing the dishes with a loved one or taking a shower.

Like how an Olympic athlete may play winning an event over an over in their mind. Down to the way the grass smells on the field when crossing the finish line to win the Gold Medal.

Be in a better mood, be happy and feel confident.

  • Lubricate¬†your mindset system.
  • Cultivate how you¬†choose to think, feel, act.
  • Notice yourself – see how push and pull is magnetic.
  • Allow relationship to your environment, people and things.

Confidence, happiness, better mood makes things easier. All I need is a little connection and awareness to my senses and to feel my experience.


Speak it. What is it you are aiming into existence? Share from purpose here….

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