Enter Your Genius Zone Sweetspot

Using The Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0  #mindsetAIM

Purpose:  Stay centered no matter what.

Mission:  Take my 30-second quiz  (anytime you need a boost)

What:  Get your current blindspot handled with 1 of the 9 Essential Actions to immediately be more focused, effective, organized.

Why:  No matter what is happening in your life, success or stress, there is likely a mess! So, having a simple way to stay current (and, easily address backlog is key to your business freedom, ideal lifestyle priorities or handling a sudden crisis).

How:  The Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0 is organizing for the organized and the door to your genius zone.  Your genius zone is where you easily access unwavering confidence, authenticity, and consistency — so you can do, be, have, impact you love every day. All day. 

My belongings are spread out all over the place, so I lose things, can't find them, buy duplicates

I have a hard time getting started when I want to organize things, so I give up before I start

I start activities without every item I need and have to stop and go get what I need

It is faster and easier to do it myself than to ask for help

I only have time to handle the most demanding, immediate activities or crises

I feel guilty or silly taking time to pick up, organize or improve my space

I have stuff on the floor because there is no where to put it

I procrastinate or quit when I can’t easily find the items I need for activities/projects

I forget to leave enough room in my day for the unexpected

I have a hard time sticking to my schedule (Schedule? What schedule?)

I feel overwhelmed by the messes around me (e.g., my car, desk, closet, kitchen)

I scramble to find everything I need when I am getting ready to leave the house, office, etc.

I keep my to-do list and schedule in my head

Once I get started with a project or activity, I don't like to stop

I forget how long things actually take me

I feel like I need more rest, sleep, or space to myself

I say "yes" to doing things, or jump right in, without giving myself time to think about it

There is so much other work to be done, so organizing is at the bottom of my list

I buy multiple copies of the same product because I cannot easily determine whether I have more

If I can’t organize it all at once, at the right time, or in the right way, I don’t bother at all

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Shannon Seek, PSc, CPCC, CPO, Founder, Seek Solutions
Shannon Seek, BSc, CPCC, CPO, is a Certified Professional Organizer, Co-Active Business Coach and #mindsetAIM Strategist to Omni-talented World Changers, Creatives + Genius Types requiring organic, deliberate success systems that reflect their own personal brand and authenticity.

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