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“Shannon Seek of Seek Solutions is the real deal, an honest listener, and a friend to anyone’s higher self….

Her systems help over-achievers prioritize their time and energy, and under-achievers discover the values that energize them.”

— Douglas Rushkoff, Ph.D., Media Theorist, Author & Host of Team Human

Declan Dunn, Simply Responsive

“Shannon Seek of Seek Solutions is the go-to for mindset, systems and tools that work!….

I highly recommend Shannon, she will have you on your game in no time!”

– Jackie Ruka, MA, Harvard Trained Wealth Coach + Happyologist

Declan Dunn, Simply Responsive

“Being guided with Shannon Seek was like finding water in the desert of wannabes….

Take Shannon’s red pill and jump into the Organic Organizing Matrix sm/tm — unique and personal and deeply moving to both business and heart, which is key in my case to getting unstuck even though I know what to do really well.

I’ve been building systems and businesses for over 20 years, and find few who can offer me guidance that’s both actionable and seriously impacts me quickly. In my first session with Shannon Seek, we dove so deep so quickly and without wasting time, energy, or hearing the same old thing. Her deep knowledge of systems, experience, and sheer love of what she does resonates so deeply.

I have worked with very few coaches, I do things myself, and can tell you without a doubt that her guidance and insights are so rare, so cool, and seriously valuable. Do yourself a favor, see if you’re a fit for Shannon, because if you are, your business and life will change for the better, and quickly without wasting time or overthinking. Grateful for her brilliance, patience, and wisdom.”

— Declan Dunn,  Chief Growth Generator,

“Shannon Seek’s five star recipe for organizing your life will successfully move you to the realization of your dreams!….

Shannon’s Organic Organizing Matrix sm/tm (OOM) is easy and flexible. I refer to it to apply simple and effective solutions to organizing my day and my time….

For example, I use her Organic Organizing Matrix whenever I need help with specific actions, such as clearing my space, re-organizing files or reviewing my to-do list.

The beauty of Shannon’s Organic Organizing Matrix is that I can also use it in a profound manner to re-align with important long-term goals.  I am now able to stay on track and complete an essential goal before moving on to the next project.”

— Marcie Hunt, Co-Vintner with her husband Tom at Dos Lagos Vineyards

“Do you want to spend 400 hours trying to learn this on your own or a few hours with Shannon Seek?….

Shannon demonstrates what Napoleon Hill called, ‘Going the extra mile.’ Not only that, she is also the best troubleshooter I’ve ever worked with in my virtual trainings….detail oriented, organized.”

— Alex Mandossian,

Photo Credit:  In Her Image Photography

“We turn off way too quickly, and Shannon Seek has a natural ability to turn us back on….  

Shannon is a person living into her purpose — she is so inspirational!

As a teacher of intention practices myself, I told Shannon to keep on shining her joy, inviting people like you and me to articulate our intentions.  This feeds directly into the universal field allowing it to manifest more directly and quickly — just as her #mindsetAIM programs do.

I look forward to seeing her touch as many people as she can, over and over again.”

— Susan Fisher M.B.A., Co-founder at 9 Energies and Author of the 9 Energies: Practices for Presence –Body-based Insight for Living a Life of Purpose

“Shannon Seek is incredibly driven and passionate about seeing her clients realise their dreams and goes above and beyond the call of duty….

The insights she provided me were awesome for giving me focus and clarity on how to schedule my time more effectively based on energy levels and also to sort out the small time wasting things that are impacting my productivity.

Shannon’s knowledge on systems and time management are in my belief, a critical missing piece for many entrepreneurs (especially coaches and consultants) wanting to break out of the hamster wheel, achieve optimum productivity, and take their business to the next level.  Shannon rocks!”

— Kristina Mills, Market Growth Catalyst, Australia

I have NO idea how Shannon Seek suddenly turned the lightbulb on inside my head.  Is it her special brand of brilliance?….

It feels like Shannon installed a file cabinet in my mind! I only know that I’ve tried to organize my mind before, so many times, without much clarity or progress.

Now that I can see my long-distance goals, it’s easier to see the milestones along the way and set my daily intention of what I need to do (and, of course, to stop doing).  The trick for me has been to break my big picture down into individual trees & work backwards. 

From here it’s easier to frame my daily to-dos (and NOT to-dos) and to take real action….

Shannon helped me identify my REAL goals by thinking about what I’ll have when I reach my goals and making sure I’m translating my dreams honestly, not merely setting weekly/monthly goals that I somehow feel I ‘should’ set.  It’s SO clear now!”

— Jeni Venker Weidenbenner, Career Story Coach, owner of CreativeJ Coaching, LLC

“Shannon Seek brings her vulnerability, sensitivity, along with her In-Your-Face attitude to the table.  It has been an intense ride leading to deep inner clarity and some unexpected delightful surprises….

Shannon helps spark my inner organizational bug bringing me tremendous energy to clear up and re-organize clutter that has been ‘hidden’ in my office and home. 

Holding me accountable.   Demanding my leadership be at the forefront, Shannon helps me see the importance to gain the courage to have the tough conversations I don’t want to have at work or home.  I feel more freedom to be an agent for change.  

The greatest surprise came when she held me accountable for clear communication and listening with my two sons, including establishing a morning ritual.  Working on my focus, perspective and stature, I am more cognizant of the little things to show my appreciation to my amazing wife, too.  Big breakthroughs!

I thank Shannon for her awesomeness and for helping me see mine!”

 — Koichi Naruishi, BSc, DC, ARHP Level 3 NSA + SRI Certified, Visiting Instructor Life Chiropractic College West

Typically well-organized? Gifted at pulling things off at the last minute? You can be more efficient, productive and happy!….

Get access to Shannon Seek’s Organic Organizing Matrix sm/tm (OOM) teachings whenever you can to organize yourself naturally!

Got a particular organizing issue to tackle? You will benefit by honing in your skills and process at a whole new level using Shannon’s Organic Organizing Matrix (OOM). 

Shannon’s OOM is rescuing me from drowning in a sea of notes, records, files, and mail.

One of the many things I like about OOM is that Shannon’s system gives you permission to be human. All of Shannon’s organizing, focusing and systematizing tools + suggestions take into account your own personal style.”

— C.J. Hayden, MCC, Author, GetClientsNow!

“I’ve found Shannon Seek to be a great resource in helping me to aggressively attack those difficult issues that one would prefer to just avoid….

The time and money I put into coaching has more than paid off with the results I get.  Shannon has helped me learn to recognize my primary weaknesses and develop the skills to overcome them.”

— Richard L. Brandt, Business and Technology Author of One Click and The Google Guys

“My success realized is top of mind and pops up everywhere in
my thoughts now thanks to Shannon Seek….

I had been journaling and working with other mentors on my purpose and success for some time. Then, in just an hour of training in Shannon’s Jumpstart Intention program, the words finally came together for me confidently that yes, I know what I truly want.

I felt held in the energy that Shannon brings as a mentor. I love how her visualization work makes me feel. The questions she asks have stayed with me. I’ve been asking myself over and over again — ‘How I can become my own success realized?’

Though I didn’t get this significance the day of the training, the impact is immediate and continues to unfold.  Things that were holding me back are now fuel to move me forward.”

— Lisa Meisels, Visibility Expert, Best-Selling Author, Speaker

“A fresh approach to mindset like Shannon Seek’s is definitely called for because when done correctly, it actually works….

Shannon gently walks you through how to ‘manifest’ something without using the word manifest or other similar terms.

Shannon’s #mindsetAIM work also addresses purpose — the why behind why you do things and why you have decided to journey down a certain path. Without a clear purpose and the why, the rest doesn’t work well.

Shannon has a simple set of things you answer that can help you get clear.”

— Don Shapiro, MBA, Author of Life is a Fork in the Road, President of First Concepts Consultants, Inc.

One of the most important aspects of Shannon Seek’s Organic Organizing Matrix sm/tm is the absolute permission to be exactly who you are and move from there….

All our judgments about being disorganized need to be interrupted so we can put our energy on moving to our next level of organization, whatever that is for us as individuals.”

— Karen V. Bading, M.A., Founder of Infrasonics Coaching and Consulting

“Thanks to Shannon Seek’s help + expertise I was able to successfully lead my first 3-session (6 hour) online training like a multimedia pro….

In a number of short sessions, Shannon coached me through my program concept, flyer development + mindset to successfully fill my program fast and have great turnout….”

— Elan BenAmi, M.A., Couples Therapist, Enneagram Workshop Facilitator and Purveyor of the EnneaApp

Shannon Seek’s Organic Organizing Matrix sm/tm is a wonderful reminder to let it be easy….

People often think getting organized needs to be a chore and difficult (I do myself sometimes).

What I am attracted to in The Organic Organizing Matrix (OOM) sm/tm is that it is so simple!”

— Anastacia Brice, Founder, Premier Virtual Assistant Training Since 1994

“Shannon Seek is the Michael Jordan of the Organizing Game….

The Organic Organizing Matrix sm/tm will take you beyond mastering time management and getting organized. Shannon will empower you to truly live life the way you desire!”

— A.J. Yager, Co-Founder Praxis Metrics

city club

“Shannon Seek’s Organic Organzing Matrix sm/tm presentation,
was a dynamic contribution to ‘Clean UpYour Act Week’ at The City Club of San Francisco….

Our City Club of San Francisco high achievers confirm that learning Shannon’s three secrets for being focused, effective and organized in their office and time management was a high point and they feel they have a great Business Coach and Professional Organizer on their team.”

–Cathinka Paus-Manrique, Member Relations Director,The City Club of San Francisco,CA USA

“Shannon Seek blends problem solving, intuition + heart to create systems that work for real people in real situations….

Shannon is a true ‘wunderkind’ with that magic substance where she can learn anything, apply it brilliantly, and succeed in any area she applies herself.  

With her limitless energy, intelligence, and enthusiasm she helps me break mental and energetic log-jams regularly to flow to a new level of focus in my business. Coaching me for well over a decade, my gratitude for Shannon is everlasting!”

— Ian Blei, Integral Coach, Founder of Optimized Results, Author of Kind Ambition 

The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey

“Since 2004 Shannon Seek is regarded as one of our most trusted partners….

At the Franklin Covey Speed of Trust Practice, we’re passionately committed to building trust, engagement, and collaboration in organizations.  It’s our mission to help individuals and organizations earn the dramatic dividends of high trust.

With the global nature of business today, we frequently deliver our message via electronic means.

We have been relying on Shannon’s virtual and online meeting direction to deliver our vital IT conferencing solutions + focus strategy for more than a decade.  Thank you, Shannon!”

— Tami Harmon, Operations Manager, Franklin Covey | Global Speed of Trust 

cool things that happened before google….

from The White House….

photo — thank you letter to Shannon Seek on White House letterhead, signed by President Clinton

Thank you letter from President Bill Clinton to Shannon Seek for participating in a Roundtable at the City Club of San Francisco in the 1990’s. Discussion was in regards to Women’s healthcare as well as needs in the workforce.

public speaking long before youtube came along….

photo — The City Club of San Francisco Newsletter 1997 — Shannon Seek mentioned in “Members on the Move” for being interviewed on TV as an expert (we’d love a copy of the video, too! — “lost in the mail”/pre-YouTube!)

Appearing on Small Business Wrap-Up, hosted by Debra Longwood in Contra Costa, Shannon offered tips to the “blocks and bridges” to success when shifting from a 9-5 job in the corporate world to working from home.

teaching at the women in business roundtable….

photo — The Lakeview Club (merged with City Club of San Francisco) Newsletter 1996 — Shannon Seek mentioned in “Women’s Professional and Business Forum” as presenting a training to business professionals on Balance

Shannon, along with Sue Coleman, taught a program on making choices in strategically designing a lifestyle that represents balance….to clarify your vision, set goals and improve the fulfillment, success and balance in your lives.

being a twitter expert….

photo — The Twitter logo on the New York Stock Exchange — Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Can Twitter make shareholders, users happy at the same time?

“Shannon Seek, an avid Twitter user, has some advice for the company about any future changes to its microblogging service: Keep it simple. Avoid flashy ads. Most important, ask what users want first.

‘As long as they stay in touch with the original intention — the purity of it — I think it will be great,’ said Seek, a business coach who lives just outside of San Francisco.”

photo credit Michael Macob, SF Chronicle — Shannon Seek tweeting on the Twister Bench “you are already home”
photo credit Michael Macob, SF Chronicle — Shannon Seek tweeting under the clock “Alice in Wonderland”
photo credit Michael Macob, SF Chronicle — Shannon Seek tweeting with a Motorola mpx 220 — LSHMEAS — “Laughing so hard my ears are smiling”

Published 4:00 am, Monday, July 27, 2009

by Verne Kopytoff @vkopytoff on SF Gate

Regular folks find fame on Twitter

TECHNOLOGY Thousands follow the Twitter posts of these citizen celebrities

“‘Twitter is a place I go to raise my vibration,’ said Seek, a Marin resident who has attracted more than 53,000 followers.

Seek’s journey into Twitter’s upper echelon started as an outlet while she recovered from breast cancer surgery last year. She started following others, and many would follow her in turn.

Like elsewhere, there is a big appetite on Twitter for emotional pick-me-ups. When not broadcasting optimism, Seek, 40, replies to others who send her their good karma.

‘The beauty of rebirth from the phoenix inside,’ Seek recently wrote in one of her occasional Twitter poems, which, like all posts on the service, is limited to 140 characters. ‘My faith washes over me like the tide.’

On average, Seek posts 70 times daily. Her record is about 185 times, or one every 8 minutes.

Keeping so many followers happy isn’t as easy as it may sound, Seek said. People can ‘unfollow’ someone as quickly as they follow them, meaning the pressure is always on to be interesting.

Still, Seek said having so many followers is an honor.

‘It’s a big part of saving my life and in helping me know that I have made a difference in their lives,’ she said.

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