bird’s eye view: values clarification 

Your mission:

If you choose to accept it, your mission is to start naming, framing and claiming your values repeatedly to realize deliberate results by honoring them. Be prepared to notice mini-miracles as you develop your decision making power and inform your confidence. Clients find this process is a HUGE time saver when making decisions between multiple options and venues. 

Prepare for your Values Immersion (3 — 1.25 hour sessions over 40 days) or use during Living Legacy Focus Strategy Engagements at Seek Solutions to enrich your life, business and IT foundation.

Note:  Bonus for “Welcome Foundation” work is doing the Marketing DNA Seek-Weave and Personal Peace Seek-Weave below (Time: 5-10 min each). These make managing/directing your work and purpose coherent at your core, weaving YOU and your most important “must have value” into all you touch. Do, be, have, world impact you love every day. All day. 

Defining your values results in….

1. You making right decisions. AKA aligning with loving + succeeding in all you do, be, have everyday. All day.

2. Honoring you. AKA Insurance you align with your life purpose, soul and personal core.

  • directions

    Note:  You will need the “materials access link” or to be given permissions to your member account to download materials below.

    Download digital materials below (click below in each square). Start Top Left. Go Left-Right. Row by Row.  Note: Resist the strong urge to type in the browser, use browser to download to computer folder or open using Adobe Acrobat Reader (extension on browser OR “open-in adobe acrobat reader app” on mobile / tablet / iPad). Only fill-in + save without the infamous disappearing fields via browser tangles using Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Note: You can also print and scan, or take photos. 

  • values clarification materials — table of contents (total time: 1.25+ hours)

    Part 1 of 2: Fun Engaging Your Values — 1, 2, 3, 4 (subtotal time: 20-40+ minutes)

    1) Marketing DNA Seek-Weave (time: 5-10 minutes / 1 page)
    2) Personal Peace DNA Seek-Weave (time: 5-10 minutes / 1 page)
    3) Reframing Response to Stress (time: 5-10 minutes / 1 page)
    4) Using Values Day-to-Day (time: 5-10 minutes / 3 pages)

    Part 2 of 2: Foundation Building from Your Values — 5, 6, 7 ,8 (subtotal time: 50++ minutes)

    5) Valuebet Soup Glossary (time: 5-15 minutes)
    6) Clarifying Values (time: 5-30 minutes / 3 pages)
    7) Valuebet Soup Workbook (time: 20-60 minutes)
    8) Values Clusters (time 20-60 minutes / 2 pages)

part 1 of 2:  fun engaging your values — 1, 2, 3, 4

get + how-to use Adobe Acrobat Reader App [saving fillable pdfs & signing reader extended pdfs] (opens to a new window)

time: 5-10 min / 1 page

1. download marketing DNA seek-weave

1. doing what you love
Weaving what matters to you most (your values) into all you do to live your message: Tribal Teacher, Brand Stand, Community Content, World Impact.

time: 5-10 min / 1 page

2. download personal peace DNA seek-weave

2. being what you love
Weaving what matters to you most (your values) into all your being using the 3 secrets to your ideal lifestyle + #mindsetAIM.

time: 5-10 min / 1 page

3. download reframing response to stress

3. having what you love
Shifting your response to stressors by honoring Your Values.

time: 5-10 min / 3 pages

4. download using your values day-to-day

4. impacting what you love
Values working for you, including identifying what is off when something isn’t fun + what to do when you feel your Values are being compromised.

part 2 of 2:  foundation building from your values — 5, 6, 7, 8

get + how-to use Adobe Acrobat Reader App [saving fillable pdfs & signing reader extended pdfs] (opens to a new window)

time: 5-15 minutes

5. download valuebet soup glossary

5. getting clear in your space
Immerse yourself in words you may use to describe your Values.

time: 5-30 minutes / 3 pages

6. download clarifying your values

6. remembering you are human, not a robot
Prompt your memory of times when your Values were clearly at play.

time: 20-60 minutes

7. download valuebet soup workbook

7. honoring yourself as much or more than the process
Reflect, search, connect. Use answers from here in your other exercises.

time:  20-60 minutes / 2 pages

8. download values clusters worksheet

8. #mindsetAIM
Define Your Values specifically based on you.


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