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Our premium coaching services are geared towards seasoned, successful business people and entrepreneurs, especially omni-talented, go-getter genius types (AKA for you boomers — “brilliant, creative leaders, executives + direct reports”)….Click faces to read individual bios.

Shannon Seek, B.Sc., CPCC, CPO, Founder
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Business Coach #mindsetAIM Strategist + Creator

Richard L. Brandt (click for full bio)
Published Author, Award-Winning Business Journalist, Knight Journalism Fellow at MIT, Book Proposal Advisor + Editor, Team Member Since 2016 (And, a private client in the late 90’s!)

Robert Cornish, CPCC, MCC, ATL “The Winner’s Coach”
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Profit from Happiness Leadership Coach, Team Member Engagement Innovator, Team Member Since 2000

Karen Bading, MA, CPPM
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Ontological and Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Certified NLP Trainer, Team Member Since 2000. Karen also was an IT consulting client in the late 90’s and early Organic Organizing Matrix fan. 

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Just a few of our many awesome clients over the past two decades….

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