what do you want to do?

examples of how-to visualize, organize, systematize – what virtual meetings will serve your inner circle?

cosmopolitan + elite telemedicine friendly online collaboration @seekcollab cloud-based video conferencing from Barcelona via Texas with  Shannon Seek’s organizing hacks

+ What do you need your online meetings to do?

+ In an ideal world, what would you like your online meetings to do?


  • record in real time!

    Record on the spot. Get recordings with integrated video and screencast (slideshows, videos, online collaboration). Plus, you control exactly what is seen for once. 

    • Record directly to your desktop! Makes an MP4 available for immediate playback. Just select this recording option in the room, name it, search the name when you are done to find your file. Upload and drag into the sharing area to play immediately (imagine how great this is for practicing for an interview or instant replay of any kind of training). 
    • And/or opt to record into our system. Get a streaming playback link to share, share with directly with your registered class participants (enterprise-only) and the swf files for pros. 
    • Learn more about recording.
  • direct

    Choose who is seen or not during video meetings.

    • Have team meetings where everyone is visible at the same time.
    • Host a panel discussion where every expert is visible simultaneously or 1 at a time (pin-in/x-out using pin-the-bar).
    • Have control over who is visible, when and how, even hide participants.
  • co-create + collaborate real-time!

    Have fun and engaging meetings, yes, using interactive online trainings and webinars!

    • Blue moderators @seekcollab get simultaneous whiteboard use  and sharing — no gavel passing! No losing your train of thought while waiting for the gavel. 
    • Everyone but grey (observer’s only) have access to simultaneous text (no gavel passing or delay). 
    • Use live video to produce interactive teaching demonstrations with users in different hemispheres. 
    • Use chat, q and a or polls for questions and save-able whiteboard (png only) or blackboard (enlarge font to teach remotely or as a teleprompter) for teaching.
  • fill a distance gap in the boardroom or classroom

    • Host a travel-free, day-long venue for local & international clients, host separate workshops in breakout rooms.
    • Broadcast your live classes to students anywhere there is internet access.
    • Have your CEO join the boardroom meeting or hotel-conference from abroad.


  • organizing projects

    manage projects and materials

    • Set-up materials by project or client using studio room-links for each (concierge available).
    • Telemedicine — Set-up breakout rooms for specific activities in the online wellness practice, including a breakout room for private “checkout”and reception areas.
    • Leave it for later – Stop a meeting anywhere, leave shared slides and notes for next time.
    • Offer access to materials between meetings to shared library files.
  • speaker green rooms + sales side bars

    Manage speaker panel or presenters with breakout rooms.

  • simple cool ways to meet, that are different

    • Provide a preset link in advance to re-use seamlessly for special projects, by client or in general.
    • Send an email invite during, from inside the meeting on-the-fly – user clicks link in email to join.
    • Remove barriers for others joining online meetings – dropped “video calls,” avoid spyware, adware, downloads, desktop-crowding icons, software loading on start-up that causes conflicts or hijacks computer resources (camera, microphone, memory), firewall issues.
  • be HIPPA compliant

    Note:  yes, you can easily make things HIPPA compliant if you are in the healthcare or insurance industry, you would need your own enterprise membership starting as low as 145./mo usd.


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