Map 1 – Start Here – Set the Stage for Success Realized  + Foundations 1, 2, 3

This is designed to be done with expert guidance, not DIY.  Though you have freedom to choose!  You will be required to have login credentials. 

Set the Stage for Success Realized

(*Are required items to be completed and uploaded PRIOR to scheduling your Deep Dive Exploration.  Clients may call or email questions anytime)

  • Keep your Word.
  • Get the edge you are paying for.
  • Tap your inner genius.


Time:  5 min 
(Click here)
Time: 5 min (Click here)


Time:  6-21 min 
(Click here)
Time: 6-21 min (Click here)


Time: 10+ min 
(Click here)
Time: 10+ min (Click here)
  • Your Essential Action
  • Clear and Centered – Ready to Be Ready
  • Shannon’s 50K Worth of Energy Clearing and Intro to #CreationSpace


Time:  1-5 min 
(Click here)
Time: 1-5 min (Click here)

05.The Hub

Time:  5 - 20 min 
(Click here)
Time: 5 – 20 min (Click here)


Time:  39 seconds - 1 hour
(Click here)
Time: 39 seconds – 1 hour (Click here)

Foundations 1, 2, 3

I.  1st Foundation

Start saving 4-10 hours a week.

  • 001.Systems
  • 002.Organize
  • 003.Vision


Time:  10+ min
(Click Here)
Time: 10+ min (Click Here)


Time:  20+ min
(Click Here)
Time: 20+ min (Click Here)


Time:  30+ min
(Click Here)
Time: 30+ min (Click Here)

II.  2nd Foundation

The beginning of allowing purpose.
Awaken your inner knowing, logic,
intuition and instinct.

  • 004.Purpose
  • 005.Themes
  • 006.Gifts


Time:  20+
(Click Here)
Time: 20+ (Click Here)


Time:  10+ min
(Click Here)
Time: 10+ min (Click Here)


Time:  10+ min
(Click Here)
Time: 10+ min (Click Here)

III. 3rd Foundation

Values. Hone your decision making “superpowers” under any circumstance.

  • 007.Weave
  • 008.Reframe
  • 009.Values


Time:  2-25+ min
(Click Here)
Time: 2-25+ min (Click Here)


Time:  15-25+ min
(Click Here)
Time: 15-25+ min (Click Here)


Time:  25+ min
(Click Here)
Time: 25+ min (Click Here)

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