your member hub account links — welcome online learner(s) — what, why, how follows

member hub links fun program stuff

  • Member hub — After logging in you have an area with 4-quadrants and a top menu bar that will only change as you achieve more learnings at Seek Solutions. Upload homework files (take pictures, turn them right side up if you know how, download program materials, community access and more). Welcome!
  • Upload a private file securely — Homework, writing, signed agreement, have access to it from the member hub  24/7
  • Ask your question — There also may be a facebook group with your program, however, there is a a private online training community where you can ask and get questions answered about your programs by your Coach / Trainer directly.
  • Access your q + a locker — See all of your personal questions and answers about online training programs / strategy coaching at Seek Solutions in one place (no need to find things around the area, sorted by YOU, we had a plugin made to do that!).
  • See what materials you’ve accessed /your history — This way you know EXACTLY what territory you have covered, knowing where you are on the map. 

list of member hub links practical stuff

  • Review your profile using your wp-login, email or username/password — update avatar (uses gravatar by default), update your password, payment info, all in one place!
  • Check your facebook-generated login profile — add your avatar, add your address (happens automatically along with your name when you make a paid purchase, too), update name if you used a facebook login to make sure first and last name are how you like (we may need to update this manually for emails). As of 10/4/17 it is possible your last name gets listed twice. This also could have been a user error.  NOTE:  We have a policy to do our best to take care of little things like that for you when we catch it! 
  • Keep current — update your payment information — update your credit card.  Note: Facebook login users may get an “internal error” message until they have made an actual credit card purchase.  After that your account propagates like normal. Date tested: 10/04/17.
  • Review your sign-up and payment history


1) WHAT THIS PAGE IS:  This page is a “linear/list” with explanations of what you will get to know and see inside member hub.

2) WHAT THIS PAGE DOES:  This is as a way to access materials, check membership status, update or change your credit card, profile, etc. from a list format.  When you click on pages from here, they will open to a new browser window AKA “clicking link opens a new window.”

3) HOW THIS PAGE IS A BUDDY TO THE MEMBER HUB: You may also access the exact same information once you are logged in to the member hub page. 

The member hub links DO NOT OPEN TO NEW WINDOWS in most cases.  So, just know what works for you best so you can buzz around and do your think having fun, ease and joy!!*

who and how….


  • Clicking most of the links on this page will prompt you to login to the Seek Solutions’ member hub, just as the member hub link will.
  • The links on this page take you directly to what you are looking to find before logging in.
  • If knowing where you need to go, before logging in, is what you are after, this is the right place.


  • If you ever need a direct link to something, please kindly tell us so we can improve and help you. And, that said, you may be here by curiousity or mistake. We get it. It IS fun to see how things work when you like someone’s work or wonder if you would. 
  • If you miss the buttons and quadrants already, OR want to link to your materials for homework please bookmark and use member hub
  • If you are looking for @seekcollab (webinar, online training login links) for your program, please check your email or materials, too. And, it is also possible there is a button to your regular webinar in the navigation menu in the member hub
  • Remember to use the Adobe Reader App to open, fill-in and save any materials if you are not a printer. Otherwise, you may print and scan OR print and take a photo. Uploading files is really easy via mobile or your computer desktop (everything for your learning online at Seek Solutions in one place!)


*We do our best to be user friendly for learning differences like ADHD/Dyslexia/Aspergers. If you see anything you think could be clearer or you would just like to understand why something is the way it is, please kindly let us know.

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