Life Purpose – What is yours?

You’ve lived it more than you know it.

You know how when you do something that is so “spot-on” it invigorates you to do each step? That is purpose. When that is happening, you are allowing purpose to infuse your life with free energy.

Your life purpose is who you have always been– it is what gives meaning to your life. It is why you are here on Earth. You’ve lived it more than you know it.

Life purpose can be so natural to you that it takes practice to use it to level-up your game.

In this post we are going to address a Nuts and Bolts AIM Coaching essential to satisfaction – Life Purpose. I’ll cover the following….

  • #1 of 3) Clarifying your life purpose. 
  • #2 of 3) How acting on your life purpose benefits you.
  • #3 of 3) What about you? — an inquiry for you to ponder….Please post in the comments! 


#1 of 3) Clarifying your life purpose…. 

Life Purpose is a pervading theme showing up in the impact you create on yourself, others and things.  Woven throughout the many stages of your life, life purpose results in your contribution to the planet.

Most of us do have a sense of what our real reason for being here is if we’d slow down long enough to connect.

Some questions you may ask yourself while getting in touch with your Life Purpose are:

  • What gives your life meaning?
  • What do you notice as the main themes in your life?
  • What contribution gives you delight to make?

If you’ve got your answers already, please share in the comments about your purpose, including how others can support you in fulfilling it.

Often your career choice, especially if you love what you do, will reflect your Life Purpose. Some examples:

  • Doctor — to  heal and sustain life
  • Restaurant Owner — to nurture and increase joy
  • Coach — to be a catalyst motivating others to make a difference 

Life Purpose begins from within and expresses itself in almost every area of your life.

#2 of 3) How acting on your life purpose benefits you….

The process of uncovering your Life Purpose can be immediate.

However, it can take years of practice to reap the full benefit. So, here are some reasons to make the effort.

Acting on your life purpose benefits you in the following ways….

  1. Gives you intrinsic drive to achieve.
  2. Makes easily ignoring your inner critic + irrelevant outer critics an option.
  3. Empowers you to be focused, effective and organized. 

Coming from Life Purpose, as a way of being and doing, a Vision for your business life and personal life may become more clear.  You will begin to honor your most priceless Values (that which is intrinsically important to you), consequently having more fulfillment, satisfaction and fun.

The result of knowing your purpose is the ability to allow purpose. To aim, lead, live, organize with purpose is a way to source energy, motivation and strength on demand. 

#3 of 3) What about you? — an inquiry for you to ponder….

What is your life purpose? How can others support you in living it?

Please post in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!


Shannon Seek, B.S. CPCC CPO

— Shannon Seek, B.Sc., CPCC, CPO, Focus Strategy Coach to Omni-talented Go-Getter Genius Types + Founder

I coach omni-talented, go-getter genius types like you to organize business success + lifestyle priorities to effectively do, be, have what you love every day. All day. I’ve also assembled a team of expert, vetted coaches to assist as needed.

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