“Today I give and receive with love, ease + joy.” by Shannon Seek #4pillarsFocus

today I am ready to give and receive with ease, joy and love via @shannonseek

Business can be full of this good stuff, as a matter of fact, the best and most fun kind of “doing business” is. Relationships are meant to feel good. Exchanging energy is supposed to be easy and full of joy. Because it can be. That is why. 

So….If for any reason you are stuck, remember….

 When stuck, give. Let something out by helping someone else. It makes room to let the right things in….

  • Need something? Give your gifts to someone in need freely.
  • Be open. Open to the circle of reception. Be available. You will draw to you exactly the right people you are meant to help.
  • Giving is a circle. It is an honor to give and be received.

 When stuck, give. Let something out by helping someone else. It makes room to let the right things in....by Shannon Seek

We do not always give to the same people we receive from, however, in the act of giving, we create a vacuum to receive. 

  • Keep your vacuum pure love.
  • Fill yourself with gratitude to ease the exchange.
  • Imagine joy in your giving boomerang.

Do. Be. Have what you love. Attract the same kinds of people in your life. #likethingswithlikethings is connection.

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Shannon Seek, B.S. CPCC CPO

— Shannon Seek, B.Sc., CPCC, CPO, Focus Strategy Coach to Omni-talented Go-Getter Genius Types + www.seeksolutions.com Founder

I coach omni-talented, go-getter genius types like you to organize business success + lifestyle priorities to effectively do, be, have what you love every day. All day. I’ve also assembled a team of expert, vetted coaches to assist as needed.

  • Shannon Seek, B.Sc., CPCC, CPO Credentials….

    • Teaching standard — 90% pass rate over 32 10-day programs teaching new beginners how-to swim (normal for new swimmers is a 10% pass rate)
    • Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics with emphasis in Organizational Development, University of San Francisco + Applied Design at the Academy of Art, San Francisco with Interior Design + Marketing Internships, Gensler Architects (1995)
    • Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in San Rafael, CA (January 1997)
    • 4th ever Certified Professional Organizer at NSGCD, now ICD (2004)
    • Certification Program Trainer to Professional Organizers at NSGCD (now ICD), 2002-3 — Logistics & Administration of Phone Appointments with Organizing Clients; Strategies for Coaching Clients with Attention Deficit Disorder 
    • Committed Student of Life — Eclectic Private Studies — Extensive studies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, healing, personality systems (Enneagram, DISC, Myers-Briggs)
    • Teleseminar Systems Provider and Trainer since 1996 behind 1000’s of virtual training programs
    • Cloud Seer — VaaS @seekcollab secure cloud-based online collaboration, video conferencing.
  • What makes Shannon qualified to coach someone awesome like you? Her….

    • 2 decades++ business success provides first-hand knowledge of the pressure you face.
    • Stealthy, swift, in-your-face insight into what is working brings you deep inner clarity + tremendous energy.
    • Personal “genius type” experience gives you the freedom to unveil all your gifts unabashedly.
    • “Mini-obsession” with researching “how-to organize” everything provides you proven techniques — just for starters.
    • Plus, her hand-picked team of expert, vetted coaches geared towards our omni-talented go-getter genius type clients (AKA for you boomers — high-achieving entrepreneurs, creative pioneers, radical executives and their direct reports :)).

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