This Way Expedites Everything!

Being organized can be a planned event. A natural occurrence. You can even be known for it, at least at your local grocery store (people are happy to let you go first in line, too)!

If you’d like, please just use my picture as a guide. Maybe some of what I’ve got to say about it will help you, too! (And, please share in the comments below, with a little help from me, too!)

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[SeekSolutions Blog] via @shannonseek Using the Organic Organizing Matrix (OOM) sm/tm -- Essential Action 1 -- Like things with Like things.

If you are a busy parent, professional or retiree you will appreciate how this is a time saver. And, it also helps you connect in your community! 

If you decide to try this, all you need are some nice-sized boxes, ideally nesting for easy storage. Ideally these boxes suit the size of what you buy. Don’t go too big or heavy, either (weight of the items you’d ask your gram handle, IMHO.

Teaching Materials Definitions: The Organic Organizing Matrix (OOM) is based on 10K++ hours of work with clients and my professional research going back to 1995.  OOM caught on when I was very actively teaching it in San Francisco, CA, 2000-2003. There are 9 EAs (Essential actions). OOM is about giving yourself the gift to organize, this method leading to self-organizing systems. For my readers familiar, and those of you soon to be familiar, this does reference proprietary teaching materials. Please enjoy! 

I’m going to share this Essential Action (OOM-EA1), Like Things with Like Things, from my Organic Organizing Matrix sm/tm by covering the following in this post….

  • #1 of 3) Example (above picture) with a brief written review of the process just below. This is a picture of my recent visit to Whole Foods demonstrating how-to use “Like Things with Like Things.” 
  • #2 of 3) What Works. My Secret Sauce. How it relates to you.
  • #3 of 3) What about you? — a brief exercise to help you see how you can expedite your own gathering activities, like grocery shopping using Like Things with Like Things. 

Being organized for self-care is important for your business and personal life. AIM (allowing intentional mind), live, lead, organize with purpose — allow purpose. It is much easier when details like this are smoothly handled.

And, allowing purpose in your life will insist upon things working for you!

#1 of 3) Example (that photo up there, about that….)

Self-organizing Actions Happen When Like Things with Like Things is wrangling your groceries, for example….

  • Checkout, reviewing and unloading easily addressed with the least amount of effort by all parties (checker, bagger, you).
  • One simple system using Like Things with Like Things secret sauce mindset (#2.2 of 3 below) + a little bit of practice.  (Oh, + finding and storing boxes you like and will use! Reference to the Organic Organizing Matrix — OOM-EA4 Project + Place Holders).

#2.1 of 3) What Works About Boxes

Here is the thing. Bags break, and they can be packed all sort of ways by others.

That leads to high-risk moments for me. It made me dread (insert procrastinate) shopping.  I have to protect my body from certain kinds of lifting. At least the kind that is not in the gym, pilates or yoga!  

Maybe you do, too? Now, it is a non-issue in the most important way — no way to accidentally, physically hurt myself. And, my mindset helps a lot, too. Keep reading for more in a bit.

This way is controlled in a way that works for everyone without anyone feeling controlled (self-organizing system!).

As the checkout person said….this way Expedites Everything!

  • From the store shelf, to your cart, to the checkout, to your cart, to your car all the way home!….
    • Your stuff is organized and contained, easy to manage. 
    • Your investment of time and money are also protected. 
    • You inherently build community.

No matter what, you’ll be organized in a way that strikes up great conversations!

#2.2 of 3) My Secret Sauce Mindset 

One more reason it works — I believe in it. I flush doubt from my space. And, I see all working, finding joy. Now we are talking mindset

  • Everyone around me supports me!
  • I even get an automatic bag credit for every box without asking as after a year or so of doing things this way.
  • I am so clear it works! — My mindset got honed on this and now it is not only normal, it is celebrated!
  • I see this happening when I think of whole foods!

The manager that helped me out this day opened her arms and gave me a big hug! How sweet!!! It wasn’t strange at all. It seemed perfectly natural. Life is good.

See my belief from my outlier organizing experience is this….the more clear we are about how to handle something, the greater the satisfaction we get when we do it.

My ultimate goal is for things to be self-organizing in the inherent act of whatever we are doing. This is the ultimate living system. Like lungs breathing air in and out!

It is called follow-through and closure, folks. That is right. Closure. We like it because it makes starting what is next easier.

Lighten the load!

#3 of 3) What about you?

My ultimate goal is for things to be self-organizing in the inherent act of whatever we are doing. 

This is the ultimate living system. Like lungs breathing air in and out!

  • Do you have any great ways you can see using this concept?

  • Call-to-Comment (CTC) — Please share in the comments below!!! I will check back and help you, too!

Remember, any time you take organizing for yourself is a gift, and not just to you, to those around you, too!


Shannon Seek, B.S. CPCC CPO

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