Doubt, the best ways to deal with it….

As a high-achiever you may relate to what we’ve been finding in our interviews — a common reason high-achievers avoid making a decision or moving forward is doubt.

Doubt caused by the lack of faith that you can “pull it off” again OR lack of faith something will work can even cause a fight or flight kind of response in some of the brightest, most talented people.

The proclivity for this kind of paralyzing doubt comes with time and life’s hard knocks. Even one wrong decision from the past can influence your faith and your ability to act, especially when there is little room for failure.

Let the procrastination and avoidance begin. Can you relate?

The problem is….

When doubt prevails, it zaps your energy and focus — what ends up happening is nothing, procrastination and a state of limbo that can be agonizing.  

Not being in a state of trust and flow creates painful feelings of missing out and being behind, perpetuating lack of faith from compounded doubt. 

Such negative states of mind and thinking flood your body with cortisol which is not conducive to remaining in a creative and resourceful state of mind, reinforcing the doubt!

What helps you override these paralyzing moments of doubt, so you cant keep going, try again, or just go for it?

Some of the best ways to deal with paralyzing doubt are:

  • Reach out to someone who believes in you, someone that can help you get back on track. 
  • Make sure the problem isn’t reasonable doubt — when you don’t know what you need or want well enough to get started you may simply need help with clarity. 
  • Restore your faith — make a list of times you’ve handled similar problems and everything worked out. 
  • Take time to get centered in your #creationspace — come from your core, remember who you are, your purpose and engage from there. 
  • Find your rhythm — without rhythm, or timing, you will feel out of control to be responsive, participate or decide with ease — work on something you do well for a while, take a break, or put on some music (sing, dance).
  • Slow down to speed up — rushing exacerbates your doubt, making it feel impossible to “get done on time” — take a beat to breathe out stress, breathe in faith, especially notice what is working and express your gratitude. 

It takes practice to stay in your faith and overcome doubt.  And, remember this, sometimes you feel the most doubt just before the miracle or big goal happens.  Be sure to hang in there long enough to win!

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