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Shannon Seek, B.Sc., CPCC, CPO, Founder
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Business Coach #mindsetAIM Strategist + Creator

Shannon Seek’s love of systems + designed duplication was sealed during a college break….as a Swimming Instructor…. 

shannon’s story (she has shorter bios, too!)

Seek Solutions Founder + Living Legacy Focus Strategy Coach Shannon Seek inspires her omni-talented, go-getter genius-type clients to organize long-term business success, freedom + ideal lifestyle priorities to do, be, have what they love every day. All day.

Such sustainable, living legacy-level performance requires ongoing fine-tuning, fun, happiness + effective organization. In essence, what Shannon calls Focus Strategy. After 2.5 solid years of development of this technology, Shannon adds her #mindsetAIM (allowing intentional mind), as the fulcrum of her Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0 sm (OOM2)* lever to being focused, effective and organized naturally to the Seek Solutions group coaching programs in Fall 2017.

#mindsetAIM takes Growth Mindset principles, neuroscience (Conversational Intelligence + memory programming), mindfulness, Law of Attraction, and The Secret teachings to the next level with pragmatic, interweaving of “anchors” (neurolinguistic-programming) as well as strategic action for deliberate dependable results (LOVE!). Shannon has taken her love of design and incorporated it in multimedia teaching tools big time. 

we are who we are

(themes reflect life purpose going back to childhood, including an example of #mindsetAIM in action and this level of review can be profoundly grounding when getting ready to play a really big game in life!)

Shannon Seek began her career as a happiness entrepreneur at the age of 6 years old with a successful lemonade stand during a heatwave, sparking her interest in the economics of happy clients.

Add her Model United Nations (7th grade at Redwood High School, Marin County California) success as a Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.) student. Her resolution (see below) in Social Economics was the only 1 of 100’s chosen to go to the floor vote after a grueling day of caucus and debate. It seems obvious she’d graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics. It wasn’t!


As a Regents’ Scholar and science major at University of California, Santa Barbara,  she became a senior in less than 2 years. Taking art history, drama and culture courses led to taking a year of travel and finding herself. During an extended stay in Zurich, she traveled to Venice, Florence, Monaco, Paris and London — her love affair with cosmopolitan beauty + cross-cultural self-employment in business, ideal lifestyle happiness and design began.

Ultimately she transferred to the Academy of Art, a design program at the Jesuit University of San Francisco. Ironically, her envied internship at Gensler, the largest commercial architectural firm in the World to this day, drove her ultimate choice of a degree in Applied Economics, pursuing her own business and lifestyle happiness journey over a promising career in design alone.

Her Senior Thesis in Strategic Planning, Organizational Development required first-hand experience. Studying the duplication systems of a renowned upline in Amway for 22 months, Shannon got sales training, a computerized business inventory, exposure to hundreds of success stories, a taste for ideal lifestyle priorities (e.g., no alarm clock, working virtually), residual income + a 100% score at school in the mid-1990s (yes, before google was even a name).  

humanizing systems

Her love of systems and duplication was sealed long before, however, as a Swimming Instructor. 

Having struggled with “not wanting to start” swim class herself as a kid, she was mortified for not knowing how to swim in the 4th grade mandatory swimming upon moving to California.  Once she learned how-to swim, she fell in love with the quiet peace being in the water swimming lap after lap gave her. She did make Varsity Swim Team as a Sophomore in High School after 6 weeks of training one Summer. 

After flaying as a teacher using just Red Cross tactics, Shannon was exposed to a Mother-Son teaching dynamo at Chamisal Tennis Club in Monterey, California, USA.

She was struck, going north the next Summer to South San Francisco, when she was given the freedom to develop her teaching style with the oversight of an early-adapter manager.  As a result Shannon developed a teaching process that had a 90% pass rate over 32 program deliveries to 6-year-old “new beginner” students spanning a demographic of 9 spoken languages, for two consecutive Summers.

Normal pass rate was 10% (still greater than most online training programs which apparently are 3-10%). She drew crowds of parents from Brisbane to Burlingame (between Silicon Valley and San Francisco, California, USA).

This 90% pass/effective standard drives her today in how her coaching, training, writing and programs will help people. It is a big part why she took the last decade researching and testing her processes, time possible thanks to building a residual business that has lasted. (She wasn’t driven by money at the expense of experience and quality.)

Public Service Announcement: Having been a cheerleader and thespian as a kid actually helped here, too! And, in those days there was no YouTube or real fanfare about cool things like this or the Model UN. Film was expensive! There were no digital cameras or cell phone cameras!

And, looking back….It seemed “normal” a girl or woman could do this (oddly before the internet became public domain).

Now it is obvious what an exception her entire story is when you consider Shannon has created her opportunities herself (her adoptive Mom did scout the Swimming Instructor’s job and did help her learn about NAPO, The National Association of Professional Organizers, though).

Otherwise, upon reflection, she’d clearly see what she needed to see and it would usually appear (a skill she had to re-learn at that level of purity to make the Organic Organizing 2.0 (OOM2)* #mindsetAIM allowing intentional mind the work it is).

seek solutions

In 1995 she started interdisciplinary Seek Solutions. Early on she came up with her 3 organizing secrets + 9 essential daily actions. Used by herself + her high-achieving clients, these techniques produce predictable, deliberate results. This led to her simple tool that tackles the complexity of being focused, effective, organized, healthy and happy — the Organic Organizing Matrix*.

Shannon even used her OOM* to triple Seek Solutions’ virtual conferencing business (rentabridge) twice in one year after business protocol mentor, Chet Holmes (mentor to Warren Buffet and Anthony Robbins before he passed away in 2012, saw it and encouraged her to do so in 2004 (a success lasting for more than a decade due to great systems and personal long-lasting relationships). And, now OOM 2.0* is only being used with private clients and parts of teaching programs that address Organized Mindset #mindsetAIM (allowing intentional mind). 

pioneering virtual training

Thousands of virtual training programs have grown from Seek Solutions, with healers, educators + businesses helping communities in 48+ countries,including a Professional Organizer Certification program that she helped pioneers like Judith Kohlberg and Terry Prince spearhead using teleseminars at NSGCD (now ICD).

As a conferencing bridge and teleseminar systems pioneer (Seek Solutions’ rentabridge) to innovative agencies, publishing houses, IT departments, universities, training organizations, cutting-edge coaches + consultants, Shannon adds VaaS (Video Meeting Software as a Service) Cloud Seer to her skill-set @seekcollab.

Thinking long-term, Shannon spent a good part 2014-2016 developing an easy on-boarding process @seekcollab for her clients which will formally roll-out just as soon as the industry is a little more mature and clients have a more refined palette. She is teaching #mindsetAIM Organic Organizing Matrix* programs @seekcollab.  

@seekcollab is a high-end (much like Zoom, more like BlueJeans), secure cloud-based video and collaboration services. @seekcollab is currently used by select clients, team members and Shannon.

studies, collaborations, leadership

Credentials: Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC — 1997) from the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA; and, the fourth-ever Certified Professional Organizer (CPO — 2004) + 2003-2004 Certification Trainer/Course Developer at NSGCD (now ICD).

Shannon is: Past President/Executive Chair of the Bay Area Professional Coaches Alliance (BAPCA — 1996-98); a featured expert in the book Get Clients Now! by C.J. Hayden (AMACOM,1999, 2007, 2014); a lifelong student of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (creating models for excellence), healing systems, the Enneagram, Iyengar Yoga + other eclectic tools for personal evolution.

She has an urban live-workspace in the San Francisco Bay Area port town of Oakland, California, USA (Pacific Time Zone) with additional organizing research facilities on the water in San Rafael, Marin County California (CA), United States of America (USA).

*Currently the Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0 (OOM2) materials are only available through programs at Seek Solutions. Originally, Shannon did publish OOM in the early 00’s and has materials on file at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, USA. She taught the OOM program extensively in person in the San Francisco Bay Area at prestigious venues and in private teleseminars and is teaching OOM 2.o with #mindsetAIM (allowing intentional mind) formally as of Fall 2017.

cool things that happened before google….

from The White House….

photo — thank you letter to Shannon Seek on White House letterhead, signed by President Clinton

Thank you letter from President Bill Clinton to Shannon Seek for participating in a Roundtable at the City Club of San Francisco in the 1990’s. Discussion was in regards to Women’s healthcare as well as needs in the workforce.

public speaking long before youtube came along….

photo — The City Club of San Francisco Newsletter 1997 — Shannon Seek mentioned in “Members on the Move” for being interviewed on TV as an expert (we’d love a copy of the video, too! — “lost in the mail”/pre-YouTube!)

Appearing on Small Business Wrap-Up, hosted by Debra Longwood in Contra Costa, Shannon offered tips to the “blocks and bridges” to success when shifting from a 9-5 job in the corporate world to working from home.

teaching at the women in business roundtable….

photo — The Lakeview Club (merged with City Club of San Francisco) Newsletter 1996 — Shannon Seek mentioned in “Women’s Professional and Business Forum” as presenting a training to business professionals on Balance

Shannon, along with Sue Coleman, taught a program on making choices in strategically designing a lifestyle that represents balance….to clarify your vision, set goals and improve the fulfillment, success and balance in your lives.

Shannon Seek’s Model UN Resolution for Social Economics representing Canada, 7th grade, Marin County

Model United Nations (7th grade at Redwood High School, Marin County California) success as a Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.) student. Her resolution (above) in Social Economics was the only 1 of 100’s chosen to go to the floor vote after a grueling day of caucus and debate. It seems obvious she’d graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics. It wasn’t!

public speaking at the Model UN age 12 in front of hundreds (under pressure!)….

Shannon Seek’s Model UN speech Part 2 of 2 from 7th grade

The above is page 1 of her speech she gave at the Social Economic caucus, and when her resolution passed the caucus and went to the floor for vote….Below is the rest of the speech in Shannon’s handwriting. 

the rest of Shannon’s speech on her Model UN resolution 1981-82 school year in Marin California….

Shannon Seek’s Model UN speech Part 2 of 2 from 7th grade

Shannon began at a very young age responsibly caring about the welfare of others and entire nations. 

consistency and walking her talk since childhood….

#mindsetAIM (allowing intentional mind) in action from childhood as life purpose themes

photo — letters confirming being a winner of the Kellogg’s Stick Up for Breakfast (drawing an original box cover) Contest at age 10

At age 9 she was disqualified from Kellogg’s Stick-Up for Breakfast cereal box cover contest because she “drew like an adult” — i.e., her drawing looking like a parent did it for her. This wasn’t the first time she had lost a drawing contest for being too neat or precise!

So, she decided to feel exactly how it would feel to have the bike she wanted down to the sun on her back riding around town!

She visualized this win over with great anticipation just knowing it was true.  This likely followed by the mundane task of eating a bowl of cereal.

Her mindset continued even once she sent the drawing entry. She asked about the letter coming regularly, to her adoptive mother’s dismay. Her aim was clear and confidence unshaken. 

This was Shannon using #mindsetAIM before it had a name (“levels” she called it back then, she could feel it in her heart) or she even knew of Neville Goddard where she saw the connection recently. #mindsetAIM is to “know” what to do or how to allow what is naturally next (a very attractive and desired next) to happen. 

At age 10, she won her dream bike by drawing an image that came easily after she started imagining over and over how it felt to ride the bike she’d win — the chocolate elephant character on the table in her actual kitchen.

Side note: The trick was being a little bit messy and making sure it was obvious she didn’t copy a box picture or get help. Oh, and letting go of the fact an elephant would likely break the table (think like a kid!)!

pioneering + living legacy mindest in the blood….

photo — Daughters of the American Revolution Certificate of Award for Outstanding Work in American History, Shannon Seek for an essay written and presented in person at age 11

Being adopted from birth, Shannon had no clue she actually was an official descendant of the colonists in the 7th grade, though she remembers fitting right in for one of the first times in her life.

She also had no clue she was “mildly” dyslexic, which goes to show the power of amazing teachers and school programs like Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E).

living legacy mindset shows in early clues if you look….

photo — Sunday school book pages made by Shannon — love and flowers, a little like the Seek Solutions’ logo….

You don’t need to be religious or “spiritual” to work with Shannon, however, “God runs the business” as far as she is concerned….And, God is love with cool flowers (those birthparent hippy genes in full bloom). Those 4-leafed flowers are ironically also reminiscent of the Seek Solutions’ logo which is a shape Shannon collected! 

using #mindsetAIM before it had a name….

what great teachers can help a person do!

shannon’s 100% scores were seriously real!

photo — handwritten personal note from her beloved Professor Herb Witt at the University of San Francisco in regards to Shannon’s 100% performance on both her Senior Project and final exam in Strategic Planning/Organizational Development

Professor Herb Witt’s comments on Shannon’s 100% score on both her Senior Project and Final Exams in Strategic Planning and Organizational Development. She graduated at the top of her Applied Economics degree program as a result. 

Her Senior Project focused on the power of duplication and systems in business, studying the success of the Amway Corporation (MLM/Multi-levelmarketing) using classic tools for Strategic Analyis. Her project required direct participation in her field of study where she learned amazing sales skills, discipline and focus as a result. 

A major bonus of this particular program was a 1 to 12 student ratio with a Professor teaching the same material at UC Berkeley MBA program.

shannon’s degree in applied economics (because it is awesome to see things are real, like in an office)

photo — Shannon’s Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Economics at the Jesuit University of San Francisco

Recap from Bio: Shannon Seek graduated in Applied Economics with a 4.0 in her major and loved every minute of it. Her program emphasized applying tools actually used in economics to make sound decisions in business development.

more for the office wall….

photo of Shannon Seek’s Regents Scholarship 

In 1987, being a UC Regents Scholar meant you were in the top 3% of college students overall, supposedly.

confidence is it’s own reward….

a team player at the World’s largest design firm….

screenshot — kudos on LinkedIn from her mentor at Gensler Architects where Shannon held a prestigious design intern position

Shannon was the “fabric-arian” in charge of organizing hundreds of fabrics in the largest design library in the World. She also organized the paint samples — 140 colors of white alone! She also worked with the top designers on projects as large as 150K square feet.”

not afraid of the deep end….

photo — Varsity Swim team as a Sophomore in High School is pretty awesome since Shannon avoided swim lessons for as many years as possible….

Being on any sports team was pretty awesome since Shannon was never allowed to play ball sports as a kid (always the second to the last chosen for teams in grade school). Her adoptive mother was afraid she’d get hit with a ball (really).

A born teacher and natural athlete, Shannon went on to combine a special teaching system she learned at Chamisal Tennis Club (Monterey Peninsula) with Red Cross guidelines as a Water Safety Instructor in South San Francisco in the late 80’s.

shannon credits her success as a swimming instructor to cheerleading in the 8th grade….

photo — Shannon’s cheerleading certificate from the 8th grade

It is fascinating to methodically look back on an entire life for themes. Teamwork, leadership, discipline and community….

Beyond Cheerleading, Shannon was in Student Government for 6 years straight.

As a 17-year old Associated Student Body President, a highlight was introducing Senator Leon Panetta (later Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Secretary of Defense) in front of 500 fellow students at Salinas High School + local news cameras.

A born leader, loyal, diplomatic, and never afraid to tell her clients the truth so they can be their best. Confidence with love rules!

photo — Shannon’s thespian certificate (there is some memory of memorizing something from Macbeth and a diving board, not sure why….)

Shannon was lucky enough to be the understudy to the lead at the Frohman Academy in Carmel, CA one Summer after studying drama for two years (loving it!) in Junior High. 

Fortunately, her drama teacher stayed in touch with her during her High School years and she was welcomed as a thespian and later took improv at UC Santa Barbara. Both experiences inform her confidence.

Never afraid to tell her clients the truth so they can be their best and reach their full destiny is the result. Confidence with love rules!

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