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“The Winner’s Coach”

Robert Cornish, CPCC, MCC, ATL “The Winner’s Coach”
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Profit from Happiness Leadership Coach, Team Member Engagement Innovator, Team Member Since 2000

Robert Cornish brings an uncanny groundedness and fast-paced clarity to his coaching at Seek Solutions as a pioneer in happiness coaching. Success alone doesn’t guarantee happiness — he always says “start with happiness” not the other way around.

Sustainable success happens when people are happy. Creating from happiness drives his dyad-triad communication process with Seek Solutions’ business leaders and their teams to nurture work environments where clearly defined needs and communicated outcomes translate into huge profits.

A multi-champion Auto Racer, Robert understands what it means to be commanding tremendous amounts of focus and grace under pressure while forging ahead in new territory, whether it be on the road, in business or life in general.

Holding auto racing as a metaphor for living as Robert does, it is easy to see that the act of driving a race car at very high speeds compels one to be present in the moment, while simultaneously knowing what direction one is heading.

Robert invigorates leaders to harness their passion to be fully present during high performance, consistently, by helping them to get centered in their vision, dreams + heartfelt happiness in order to weave their unique gifts into their productions, businesses, teams, organization and clients.

He began his coaching career in the late 1980’s working with Race Car drivers and expanded into working with business leaders and professionals in the early 1990’s, with his current client base scanning the globe.

Robert’s credentials include the designation of Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael,CA (USA); Master Certified Coach (MCC) from the International Coach Federation; as well as having been trained in Co-Active Space Leadership. He also incorporates the study of Inner Game ® Methods (accessing your inner champion via your inherent, natural learning abilities) and Advanced Per-K ®,(changing limiting belief systems) into his coaching.

Robert currently resides in Reno, Nevada, with his wife, soul mate and business partner, Terri, and their two cats.

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Robert Cornish, CPCC, MCC, ATL “The Winner’s Coach”
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Profit from Happiness Leadership Coach, Team Member Engagement Innovator, Team Member Since 2000

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