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Karen Bading, MA, CPPM
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Ontological and Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Certified NLP Trainer, Team Member Since 2000. Karen also was an IT consulting client in the late 90’s and early Organic Organizing Matrix fan. 

Karen V. Bading, MA, CPPM brings to Seek Solutions a lifelong passion for EFFECTIVE stories.  In coaching individuals or organizations, she listens for the story that wants to happen — the living story of leadership and greatness.

Fast paced + funny one moment, heart centered + quiet the next, and always informed by a quick intelligence. Karen delights in moving individuals and groups past their perceived limits.

Karen strives to be one who, in the words of Peter Senge, the author of The Fifth Discipline, “thinks with the heart and feels with the mind.”

She works primarily with managers and teams in technical environments; and also coaches artists. For Karen, the breakthrough results of her clients reveal the artistry of engineering and management, and the rigor of the arts. Clients include Agilent, EDS, MCI, Hewlett-Packard, Rockwell-Collins, Oracle, PG&E, City of Pasadena, CIGNA, Sun Microsystems and Los Angeles Educational Partnership.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst (stories), a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Rhode Island College (more stories), and is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer and Syntax Consultant (changing the stories).

She is also certified by Newfield Network in Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery (CPPM) (changing the storyteller and the story) and is currently studying Appreciative Inquiry (creating new community stories).

Her work integrates mulitple decades of experience as an educator, psychotherapist, corporate trainer, organizational development consultant, speaker, business owner and coach in her own firm, Infrasonics Coaching + Consulting.

Infrasonics Coaching + Consulting takes its name from the work of Katy Payne, described in Silent Thunder. Payne discovered that elephants use infrasounds—sounds below the frequency audible to the human ear—to communicate and maintain community over long distances. For coaching and consulting, Infrasonics means deep listening—listening beneath the words, creating the future within organizations, communities and individuals.

Ms. Bading is the author of Saying No: A User’s Manual and Saying Yes, A User’s Manual, part of a series of user’s guides to five conversations essential to building and maintaining organizations and communities as well as a lovely complement to Essential Action #2 in the Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0 sm/tm (OOM 2.0) by Shannon Seek — “What is your Yes” (formally known as “say no once a day”).

Play includes travel, food, knitting, books, learning, community projects and conversation. At home just south of Los Angeles, she weaves a shared story with her tightly knit family — husband of 3+ decades, Jim, her daughter Annie and granddaughter.

Karen V. Bading, M.A., Founder of Infrasonics Coaching and Consulting, CPPM Degree

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Karen Bading, MA, CPPM
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Ontological and Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Certified NLP Trainer, Team Member Since 2000. Karen also was an IT consulting client in the late 90’s and early Organic Organizing Matrix fan. 

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