Is Fear Keeping You Stuck? 

#BeTheBunny by Shannon Seek

Conquer Your Fears of this U.S.A. 2016 Election Now

Indecision and uncertainty is not a way to live. Fear can feed this stuckness.

You, like me, may have felt some things were on hold until this election. Now we have new problems. No matter what country you live in, we are watching our world change together and we don’t have to get stuck.

I realized we all have an opportunity to let go of what we can’t control at an entirely new level because things are so confusing.  A great time for simple tools and metaphors to help your perspective to get through and stay unstuck.

To help you gain perspective fast, I am sharing #BeTheBunny as an effective fun way to get past fear. #BeTheBunny has helped thousands for nearly 2 decades who have read my dear friend and colleague, C.J. Hayden’s book Get Clients Now!

Get Clients Now! by C.J. Hayden shares how I used #BeTheBunny to get over the fear of success.

#BeTheBunny medicine – How it works to beat fear using “hats”….

Excerpt From:

Be the Bunny–On Fear” as published in Get Clients Now!
by C.J. Hayden, CPCC (AMACOM, 1999, p. 83; 2007 p. 95, 2013 p. 97)

“‘I joined a Get Clients Now!–oriented group years ago (April 1996!) when I needed to expand my business. In my false sense of courage, I didn’t even know I had fear at first, but I felt stuck.

During the program, I recognized that I needed to give myself permission to be afraid.

I came up with a metaphor that would help me visualize it: ‘Be the bunny.’ On the Native American medicine wheel, the rabbit represents fear, and working with Rabbit Medicine requires owning your fear when you have it.

I imagined myself as a rabbit hopping through fear–timid–but-still-moving-bunny — or a rabbit in a World War I fighter plane with goggles and ears flopping in the wind — fearless bunny.

It made being fearful seem funny, safe and okay enough that I could deal with the task at hand. It really got me unstuck.’

–Shannon Seek, BS, CPCC”

This story represents something called a “special permission” when you train as a coach at the Coaches Training Institute where C.J. Hayden and I were both certified. This goes back 20 years and perfectly dovetails with the new Essential Action #8 of The Organic Organizing Matrix 2.Easy Deciding Using Track Hats, Maps, Stats.

#BeTheBunny is about embracing your fear of the unknown or known, relaxing into using the energy productively….

Imagine that every time you are afraid, you have access to a resource inside you the transforms the energy into something useful. You can make up your own, or borrow #BetheBunny from me. Whatever it takes to shift your energy from paralyzing fear to happy productivity.

Sometimes you need to be able to make decisions or take action without all the information or with too much information. To feel your “truth.”

A couple weeks ago, I was reminded about #BeTheBunny by seeing bunny pictures (really, the beauty of metaphors) as I faced my fear of putting myself out there again when this reaffirmed my decision….

  • I’d been praying for guidance (okay to be afraid, or not know, bunny).
  • I was at the post office opening my mail next to a man who started talking to me about a joke I had made about the volume of mail I had (funny bunny).
  • This led to one of those spontaneous conversations with a stranger that leads to an ah-a moment (fearless bunny).
  • Suddenly, I said, I feel the presence of God (holy bunny).
  • He said, I am a minister. I could not believe it. (Way to manifest on my part! Help exactly when I needed it.)(LOA #mindsetAIM bunny)
  • He was such an amazing presence at this moment, it brought me to tears to have a moment of clarity and being seen.
  • He said “you have the gifts of being a great communicator and putting so many people at ease.” And, there, I decided.
  • Almost immediately, I was drawn to what to do next and I stumbled on to #BeTheBunny, a tool I’d nearly forgotten, that actually fits with all things next!

I could “feel the truth” in his words. It is amazing what happens when you allow your truth to surface. Allowing yourself to be seen by yourself and others. Both.

That conversation gave me the “why” #BeTheBunny was important. It was okay for me to be afraid, then I had a breakthrough speaking to a helpful stranger.

And, when the fear is worse than knowing the truth, you’ll be ready to embrace the your truth. Use fear constructively!

I needed my fear to be “okay” to exist, to feel my truth. #BeTheBunny

This awareness dovetailed perfectly with exactly what I’ve been working on — the introduction of The Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0 sm/tm (9 essential actions and 3 secrets to being organized naturally) and the new essential action #8 (easy deciding using track hats, maps, stats) to make 2017 awesome!

#BeTheBunny makes tracking easier and wearing certain hats easier.

As the bunny, I can switch hats no problem. It gets me out of my head and into my fun allowing me to be in my truth, instead of distracted by the “too many things going on around me.”

I can even wear “#BeTheBunny” as a hat to beat my indecision and relax.

Your truth matters especially when you are confused. What is your truth?

I like decisions to be easy and obvious. Just like I think there is a place to use fear constructively #BeTheBunny.

My truth is what I am here to do in this lifetime, requires me to be out in the World, taking the risk of rejection and facing my fear. Plus, I need things to be fun, simple, dependable. How about you?

It is commonly said that we teach what we need to know (learn), and, I am going to start with the fear hanging in the air right now. I feel fortunate. This amount of fear, pushed my fear meter. The one that is ready to shake it off as I take the energy from it and use it to be productive.

Being the bunny I shifted hats – “timid, still moving bunny” to “fearless bunny.”

And, #BeTheBunny is a hat I can wear whenever I feel fear or to let it go. I can see the cartoon and imagine how I’d do something and do it. We use cartoons in Neuro-linguistic programming work often if it helps lighten a process.

You can use your own bunny medicine any time you need confidence in the middle of crazy fear, whether it is a real threat or not. Maybe using #BeTheBunny might be fun enough that you’ll see if you are afraid for no reason.

See, I’d been stuck because I wasn’t letting myself out into the World just like this. In a way that scares me. I know it is working because….

  • I have energy to handle things like I have not in a long time.
  • It feels like I can see a light called my happy future as I dig out from under a self I’ve outgrown.
  • I can act when action has felt impossible to take.

The result of facing your fears is usually a lighter way to live. Free yourself to move forward as you free yourself from paralyzing fear.

#BeTheBunny is timeless and still works!

Please do let me know your thoughts.

Let’s be organized based on how we operate naturally and empower everyone around us to do the same (the premise of The Organic Organizing Matrix)! This includes the map of how we deal with our fears so we keep things circulating in our world, instead of paralyzed by fear.

#BeTheBunny and please comment, share, sign-up, act! Transform fear….

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