AIM – Do. Be. Have. Impact what you love. 

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“I look forward to seeing Shannon Seek touch as many people as she can, over and over again….

Nothing like the Natural Energy 3 (NE3) wisdom helping focus and accelerate our intentions as Shannon Seek does.

Just before a big trip my husband Martin and I were taking to share our life’s work 9 Energies, Natural Energy 3 Shannon shared about ‘closing the gap’ to getting what I want using #mindsetAIM (allowing intentional mind).

Her 2 minute process #mindsetAIM and our chat about intention energized and inspired me. Wow — what an incredible expression of the power of NE3.

Shannon is a person living into her purpose — she soo inspirational!

As a teacher of intention practices myself, I told Shannon to keep on shining her joy, inviting people like you and me to articulate our intentions. This feeds directly into the universal field allowing it to manifest more directly and quickly — just as her AIM program describes.

We turn off way too quickly, and Shannon has a natural ability to turn us back on.  I look forward to seeing her touch as many people as she can, over and over again.

— Susan Fisher M.B.A., Co-founder at 9 Energies and Author of the 9 Energies: Practices for Presence –Body-based Insight for Living a Life of Purpose

AIM – Do. Be. Have. Impact what you love. 

Get deliberate, dependable results bypassing the success mess. #systemagic

Let’s face it. Success can be messy, lonely, and too much pressure sometimes. Mindset is key. Implementing ways to duplicate dependable outcomes and reduce unnecessary repetitive work will bring you wealth at an entirely new level. One tool to do this is AIM – allowing intentional mind — a logical, yet “cuddlier” way to address vision and systems.

Do. Be. Have what you love.

Out-the-box-ready I deliver AIM to you. Because. Who cares about success if it is too much pressure, the work feels never ending and you never get the satisfaction of closure?

In this post we are going to address a Nuts and Bolts AIM Coaching, I’ll cover AIM in the following three ways….
#1 of 3) AIM (allowing intentional mindset) as a logical system to get deliberate results. 
#2 of 3) How AIM brings satisfaction and purpose to your life.
#3 of 3) What about you? Will you AIM?


The easy way to AIM – Press Play….

get deliberate, dependable results bypassing the success mess

Note: I thought about sharing the written version of this. If you think that is important to you and this process. Please say you’d like to see it in the comments per my asking you.

Take a minute to enjoy how good you feel….You might even be ready to scroll down the page and make a comment now about what shifts for you ….Please do!

#1 of 3) AIM (allowing intentional mind) as a system to get deliberate results. #mindsetAIM

Let’s define aim. AIM is an acronym for allowing intentional mind that I made up and it works. AIM is a method I’ve developed to simplify the business coaching and healing process. It’s an uncomplicated, logical and delightful way to get deliberate, dependable results. 

I got the idea of “aim” from Neville Goddard, a mindset teacher from the 1940’s-ish. A spiritual mentor of mine insisted I know his work. It is the piece of puzzle I was missing for my own satisfaction. She didn’t say it like that, but that is what I have come to learn. 

Why do I refer to AIM (allowing intentional mindset) as a system?

AIM is something I need to repeat to have the ease, power and joy of less decision making, and the satisfaction of completion. As a “system” I apply the same successful formula repeatedly, it is easy to duplicate. I can count on it for dependable and awesome results #systemagic!

  • What do you notice? 
  • How do you act on it regularly?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • How do you choose to spend your life?
  • Enter AIM (allowing intentional mindset). 

By repeated practice of an “ideal way of doing, being, loving” we “entrain,” ingrain, and learn-by-heart how to be or do things. And, yes, sometimes it takes practice to notice things that are natural. Like our feelings, instincts, intuition or heart.

Being human. Training yourself to remember yourself each day. It may seem odd, but if you reflect, you will notice it is really easy to ignore ourselves! Right? Stop that. Aim for more. Be intentional and deliberate. Or, not. It is your choice. However, give yourself every chance to get it how you’d like!

Daily AIM is a system for keeping yourself clear, being human, connecting to your life, revering your heart, and remembering yourself.

AIM (allowing intentional mindset) is a system to help you repeatedly connect to your heart and sanely succeed in this busy world!

Success. Think about it. 

  • How do we know we have attained success in life, by our own standards?
  • How do we know we have succeeded without comparison or measurement?
  • Think about a time you were successful, recently. Can you easily remember?
  • When success happens it is so natural it can easily go unnoticed like a heart beating.
  • There is a lot about the world that goes against our “natural systems.”

Using AIM as a system you memorize how to recognize, rinse, repeat — to not only be yourself, to be more you. That simple. Life it easier when you are you.

#2 of 3) How AIM brings satisfaction and purpose to your life. 

Using AIM, allowing intentional mindset, you can direct recognition and feelings to the exact experience you are wanting. This alone leads to satisfaction.

Why? Because recognition and feeling success or completion is closure. With closure, stopping and starting is easier. So, you also recognize transitions. You see the opportunities you’ve been looking to have and seize them, leaving less potential regret. And, this takes the struggle out of decision making and navigating the course of a busy life.

You feel your success when you are having it instead of it passing you by like a dream or something happening to someone else. 

Satisfaction requires sensing. You must recognize and feel your experience simultaneously. Takes practice to keep your balance.

AIM is about seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing, knowing the ambient, sensuous, experience of living and life you aim to have.

It is about closing the gap between what is and what is becoming.

The result is that when your desired experience is happening, you have….

  • Clear recognition of yourself.
  • Clear awareness of your senses.
  • Clarity of the people, animals and things surrounding you.
  • And, there is a little twist to lock it in, that happens at the very end….where you also notice the mundane next thing, like doing the dishes with a loved one or taking a shower.

AIM works much like how an Olympic athlete may play winning an event over an over in their mind. Down to the way the grass smells on the field when crossing the finish line to win the Gold Medal.

The purpose of using AIM is to be in a better mood, be happy and feel confident.

Plus, it actually helps you keep from getting stuck. So, kind of like using oil in your car. AIM, allowing intentional mind, is a lubricant to your mindset system. 

AIM takes just a couple minutes to help improve the tone and quality of any day. Period. So, I say, bring it on! Why not? I want every chance I can get to make my life awesome. Don’t you?

If I have to do a little upfront work to make it easier, I’m in.

It is essential we cultivate regularly how we choose to think, feel, act. To notice ourselves and our relationship to our environment, people and things.

Confidence, happiness, better mood makes things easier. All I need is a little connection and awareness to my senses and to feel my experience.


Daily AIM (allowing intentional mind) for Logical Success

listen to a two minute exercise written and narrated by Shannon Seek on using aim

#3 of 3) What about you? — an inquiry for you to ponder….

Did you listen to DAILY AIM? Can you imagine using it daily to help you have more confidence and create a life where you feel and notice your success?

Please post in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!


Shannon Seek, B.S. CPCC CPO

— Shannon Seek, B.Sc., CPCC, CPO, Focus Strategy Coach to Omni-talented Go-Getter Genius Types + Founder

I coach omni-talented, go-getter genius types like you to organize business success + lifestyle priorities to effectively do, be, have what you love every day. All day. I’ve also assembled a team of expert, vetted coaches to assist as needed.

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