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Coaching and Technology to Sharpen Focus

I am Shannon Seek, Founder of Seek Solutions (that is me in the slideshow above). I’m a Focus Strategy Coach + Professional Organizing pioneer who is well known for leading 1000’s of amazing businesses, educators and healers into the world of teleseminars. This going back to 1996 via my user-friendly technical tools and great support that results from using the tools for your own programs! 

Plus, I have helped 100’s, more like 1000’s, with my Organic Organizing Matrix tm/sm work (the 3 secrets and 9 essential actions to being organized). I pulled it from the market to research for the last 12 years in “controlled environments” to:

a) make it dyslexic friendly

b) worthy of being a household name

c) test it over time, which lead to some upgrades!

The result of my research of more than 10K organizing hours was to combine 2 essential time-based actions into Time Buffering + Compression and add the essential action I discovered was missing. My goal is to make OOM 2.0 the ultimate simple system to follow to be organized naturally based on you. 

Early adapters and high-achievers I’ve worked with have had a 97% success rate with the 3 secrets to being organized and 9 essential actions of The Organic Organizing Matrix (OOM). This includes those I’ve personally helped with their teleseminar and virtual training programs.

Who and how are you today?

  • Are you ready to get your time back?
  • Are you sick of wasting time looking for things? 
  • Are you ready to get your groove back? Better marketing? Follow-up?Have healthier mindset?

Said simply these are the big things we do here (yes, I have a team, partners and tech staff): 

  • Organizing your business freedom + ideal lifestyle priorities to do, be, have what you love, every day. All day. #mindsetAIM #bizdevlove
  • Developing systems that work based on how you operate so you can focus on what is dearest to your heart. #OrganicOrganizingMatrix2
  • Providing community oriented high-end business class teleseminar bridges and @seekcollab video conferencing + collaboration (developed in Barcelona, used internationally for more than a decade). My mission has been to make onboarding easy for the rest of us and relieve a bunch of IT department staff members!

Does your dream, calling, mission include making a big and lasting impact in or on the World?  Let us help you focus and sustain your efforts….

  • Private and Group Business Strategy Coaching + Consulting to help you, your staff and team to be more focused, effective and organized.
  • Rentabridge and @Seekcollab conferencing technologies that we use ourselves — helping 1000’s of clients develop virtual training programs, teleseminars and IT departments since 1996.

Our Mission + Our Clients

Our clients have missions similar to ours — to bring the best education, healing and innovation to the World so that we all start living like it matters now and for at least 7 generations to come. 

Usually, I, Shannon Seek, work with…..

  • Omni-talented, multi-hyphenated, go-getter genius types.
  • People who usually light up the room when they enter.
  • People often misunderstood because they are so smart, beautiful, dyslexic, or ahead of their time. 

Imagine how great it would feel to actually find someone who can help you get to where you know you are meant to be in this lifetime!

Do you want to spend 400 hours learning this on your own or a few hours with Shannon over the next month?

— Alex Mandossian,


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