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Are you a High-Achiever? Omni-talent? Go-Getter? Genius-Type?

Have you had the experience of most people not being able to “keep up with you” or the lightening speed of your creative process? If yes, you are in the right place. For starters, it is important to have a Coach that can follow you, lead you when needed, and not slow you down when you are on a good roll.

If you are here, you also know there IS MORE and more than just social status, material and financial success to achieve in this lifetime.  You also are likely seeing purpose and legacy being discussed more frequently in the media. Just what does that all mean? And, how can it be useful and immediately applicable? 

Plus, in our work, we’ve found there is A THEME to be discovered that is blocking you from Finding, Discovering and Living your Immediate need for a living and breathing Heart-Centered, Legacy Project, just as part of being human. 

Do you want to spend 400 hours learning this on your own or a few hours with Shannon over the next month?

Shannon Seek demonstrates what Napoleon Hill called, ‘Going the extra mile.’ She is the best troubleshooter I’ve ever worked with in my virtual trainings….detail oriented, organized…. 

— Alex Mandossian,

Your Living Legacy Project embraces your humanity while creating a business focus that meets the need for  your next stage of your life to be built from a soulful foundation of life purpose, to house your very own well of unlimited, sustainable inspiration, meaning and energy exchange that automatically feeds your Living Legacy Project.  

At Seek Solutions we work with Elite Performers to tackle the depth and complexity that go with playing a big game, coupled with being an outlier and pioneer in your field destined to have a Living Legacy Project that lights you and the World up. 

An authentic, from-heart Living Legacy is not automatic just because you’ve made it financially or materially or have a gazillion followers on social media who love you. And, you know it. 

Your life is so dense and complicated you also know expert support to close the gaps while keeping your current success in play is essential. To take it to the next level when you already “have enough” on some level, means keeping things smooth and as effortless as possible as you meet the challenges. 

So, you might ask yourself….

  • Is it time to get “you for you” and your time back, in general? To be working on exactly what you know you are meant to be doing in this lifetime? 
  • Are you ready to discover that THEME blocking you from realizing your Living Legacy Project in such a way you experience deep satisfaction and sustainable inspiration?
  • Is it time for you to release things unrelated to your primary focus, and to make progress exactly where, when and how you want?
  • Are you craving that cascade of things coming together so you can take flight in your career and/or find more time for a personal life?
  • Are you ready to sleep better at night, knowing you are making the right decisions for you, your career and family?

I am  Shannon Seek, Founder of Seek Solutions (that is me in the slideshow above). I’m a trained business strategist who works as a Focus Strategy Coach + Professional Organizer to omni-talented, go-getter genius types and we have an amazing team at Seek Solutions.

If you are looking to work with me personally, you need to know I’ve actually used my own tools to create a residual income for more than a decade.  That said, I’ve also made enough mistakes due to the confidence this kind of success brings to be a huge asset to you and your team in terms of mediating risk, and taking leaps of faith right when the timing is right.

And, I know what it is like to straddle the corporate/entrepreneurial worlds.  Typically I work with…..

  • Omni-talented, multi-hyphenated, go-getter genius types AKA elite performers especially in publishing, media, high pressure deadline driven environments.
  • People who usually light up the room when they enter and need to be centered as a result.
  • People often misunderstood because they are so smart, beautiful, dyslexic, different or just plain ahead of their time. 
  • People who straddle corporate – government – media worlds, having to pay attention to which talents they use when and where. 
  • People who soar when decision making is easy, saving them time as a result.

I’ve been researching and developing my Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0 (OOM2)* to bring you the simplest, easy way to make your Living Legacy Project clear, your Energy Exchange clean and to help you make sense of your priorities, purpose and creative process with ease.  If you are interested in working with us, please click here

“Shannon Seek is incredibly driven and passionate about seeing her clients realise their dreams and goes above and beyond the call of duty….

The insights she provided me were awesome for giving me focus and clarity on how to schedule my time more effectively based on energy levels and also to sort out the small time wasting things that are impacting my productivity.

Shannon’s knowledge on systems and time management are in my belief, a critical missing piece for many entrepreneurs (especially coaches and consultants) wanting to break out of the hamster wheel, achieve optimum productivity, and take their business to the next level.  Shannon rocks!”

— Kristina Mills, Market Growth Catalyst, Australia

Imagine how great it would feel to actually find someone who can help you get to where you know you are meant to be in this lifetime!

*Currently the Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0 (OOM2) materials are only available through programs at Seek Solutions. Originally, I did publish OOM in the early 00’s and have materials on file at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, USA. I’ve taught the OOM program extensively in person in the San Francisco Bay Area at prestigious venues and in private teleseminars. Now I am teaching OOM 2.o with #mindsetAIM (allowing intentional mind) and how to be “centered in your creation space” to make your Living Legacy Project soar. 

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