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Seek Solutions — Organize your business freedom + ideal lifestyle priorities to do, be, have what you love, every day. All day.

Systems based on how you operate. 

Living Legacy Focus Strategy Coaching and Consulting is for you if you have endurance, are committed and believe in creating sacred space in all you do.

If discipline, long-term thinking, commitment, and developing authentic, caring relationships with real people bores you, this site is not for you.

Does your dream, calling, mission include making a big and lasting impact in or on the World?

At the height of any given success, things feel limitless.

At those exact moments, you must know how to bring your energy into your core to sustain it.

It takes discipline and a powerful coach who has been there. “Successitis” is a thing. It brings strange things out in people (for another time, earmark this one). 

“My mission is developing + delivering coaching strategies I’ve found exciting and helpful in my own life and with 1000’s of clients, to help you be organized, effective and focused based on you….

Humanizing systems in fun ways reflecting your values, vision and life purpose.”


Our clients are omni-talented, go-getter, genius-type multihyphenates and unstoppable. Hugely successful people that light up the room with their powerful presence — is this you?

Peers, mastermind groups and expert trainings create fierce competition, great. Being up to something big, or working in the high-pressure “launch” and business automation environment can take a lot out of you.

With grace in abundance, nurturing love and lucidity Shannon Seek helps you integrate your own programs, trainings, masterminds, learnings, plus all those things you are exposed to in order to improve your business effectively.

Using what you’ve got and bringing out your best is worth what to you?

Seek Solutions is grounded in two decades of below the radar success based on great relationships and discerning standards. A blue ocean. Timeless. Classic. Sustainable passion.

Slowing down at just the right moment = business freedom = lifestyle priority happiness.  Unstoppable and relaxed.

More, more, more robot mode is transformed into fun, engaged, endurance, knowing when to stop. You’ll learn to transition with ease. Never fear starting and stopping again.” 

“Expert fine-tuning is needed now more than ever.

This is due to what Seth Godin refers to as our now ‘systems-based connection economy’ (which is replacing the information age). Sort of like implementation of the human knowledge era with clear logical feeling.”


Expertise + experience, and frankly a little cultivated dyslexia to see multiple case scenarios at once are critical in this fine-tuning process.

Cultivating the mundane to be engaging, making systems adapted to your natural inclinations (Organic Organizing Matrix 2.0) is the key sustainability and fun.

Protocols, procedures and policies are fun when they work for you. 

Not knowing how and when to slow down is normal. Integrating systems is required. And, an expensive proposition for supernovas to do on their own.

“Be a shining star, not a shooting star. Remember to be human, not a robot. ” @shannonseek

The risk of losing everything is constant with the stakes so high and the ease of being spread so thinly when success is constant. “More, more, more mode” easily overshadows true needs. And, less is more isn’t minimalism (you are excused from living with 100 objects or less!). 

How about something in the realm of….

  • A pattern-savant, fixer-extraordinaire, pioneer-whisperer, driven designer-type is required, desired and fun.

  • Living legacy focus strategy.

  • Sacred space creation.

  • Business freedom.

  • Ideal lifestyle priority happiness.

If you have all the moving parts and just need help making them go more smoothly, start connecting….

  • You and your team working with us….

  • See all about us….

  • Check-out organizing, timing + focusing tools like Organic Organizing Matrix sm/tm developed by Shannon Seek #bizdevlove #mindsetAIM #4pillarsFocus….

  • Start meeting @SeekCollab high-end video conferencing and online collaborating….

See a few of our pioneering clients over the past decades….


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