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Are you ready to soar to the next level in your business? Open to the right space or technology to launch? Wondering what cloud-based video conferencing can do for you?

– Shannon Seek, CPCC, CPO, founder, www.seeksolutions.com

How about cloud-based video conferencing with….

1 – a centralized dashboard like a car

2 – onboarding easy as 1-2-3

3 – the power of flash program coaching and concierge services

We found. We share. You decide.

See the tour, get your free backstage pass, catch a glimpse.

You can trust us to do a good job for you.

seek solutions #bizdevlove

At the FranklinCovey Speed of Trust Practice, we’re passionately committed to building trust, engagement, and collaboration in organizations. It’s our mission to help individuals and organizations earn the dramatic dividends of high trust.

With the global nature of business today, we frequently deliver our message via electronic means. We have been relying on Shannon Seek of Seek Solutions to provide out vital conference bridge solutions, since 2004. She is regarded as one of our most trusted partners! Thank you, Shannon!

– Tami Harmon, Operations Manager, www.speedoftrust.com FranklinCovey | Global Speed of Trust Practice and Private IT Consulting Client

successful innovators and leaders know....

  • successful innovators and leaders know….

    • face-to-face interactions build rapport, enhance relationships
    • multiple senses engaged = sticky 
    • a community of smart people stimulates motivation

    Communicate in creative ways – see where it takes you.

  • concentrated effort, exponential benefits = results

    BYOD (bring your own device), BYOO (office), BYOB (business) World – your habits and time using technology will define your career in the coming future – the manners and attitudes you cultivate now open doors to you.

  • embrace less, gain more….

    • one system, many devices
    • community infused learning 
    • seeking immunity – defining down and dirty video conference etiquette 123

    One system to learn once and for all.

benefits - highlights

  • #bizdevlove – how you look and share….

    • gorgeous hd video face-to-face with integrated audio recordings (scroll down and see example)
    • one cloud many conversations –  1-on-1, team meetings, groups, webinars 
    • focus or combine views – just video, audio, live chat, whiteboard, blackboard, polls, q and a; share desktop or computer, documents, images, slides
    • love developing your business
  • improve your performance

    • leave it for later organize room link studios by topic, client, project
    • cloud-based video conferencing – no downloads, maintenance, adware, spyware
    • connect from anywhere via internet, across devices via www.address, mobile-app
    • practice every tool available alone! – no need to have another person with you to make it work – the ultimate selfie-machine (you can get really great at your presentations this way!)
  • tour stops and backstage pass – 24/7 freemium learning 

    tour stops are open to public – backstage pass includes the following….

    • live demos, models, success guides
    • time and resources savings –  you, your staff, co-trainers, even clients can learn here
    • help-desk forum w/email – learn with peers, co-create, get answers*
    • online leadership-mixers* – like-minded peers – practice etiquette 123, fail fast, succeed royally!

    *Shannon Seek or staff will personally answer questions and lead these programs.


  • features – list

    One system to learn once and for all.

    seekcollab+ -lite and -reserve

    • live webcam video all users, includes mobile
    • live chat (all, moderators, by user), includes mobile
    • integrated live hd audio, includes mobile
    • allow unlimited moderators, no gavel passing
    • slides, video, document sharing, mobile can view
    • remote computer, desktop sharing
    • shared notes blackboard
    • annotate, draw, save whiteboard
    • polls, q and a
    • unlimited breakout rooms
    • 99.9% uptime, url link-login VaaS
    • no downloads + mobile app – android and apple
    • conference bridge access
    • @seekcollab-lite starting under 25. mo usd
    • @seekcollab+ starting under 50. mo usd
    • help desk forum, email notification and more, including extended phone support hours and 24/7 on-call supervisor for seekcollab+ members
  • get unlimited when it counts – seekcollab+ and lite

    • seekcollab+ -lite and -reserve
      • unlimited moderators, video participants, breakout rooms
      • 24/7 access to scheduling (lite, reserve) or unlimited use in private, customized seekcollab+
    • plus only 
      • unlimited media library* – store frequently used presentations and materials for quick access and sharing
      • unlimited event registration pagesor re-use your favorite set-up
      • unlimited video recordings* – integrated video/audio recording with playback from our servers

      *up to your system size and storage subject to fair use

  • uncomplicated plans and pricing….

    • 3 levels of access
      • seekcollab+ -lite or -reserve by session
      • basic conference bridge access included – use one, the other or both (conference bridges only available via top menu on checkout page)
      • free 24/7 training and support – free live-demo backstage pass

Doing my first cloud-based video conference online seminar series has been really fun for me. The Enneagram through Comedy was easily made possible with private coaching from Shannon Seek and concierge services at Seek Solutions.

I even made it through my technology fears when Shannon insisted I could excel at creating the multimedia experienced I wanted for my students.

– Elan BenAmi, M.A., Couples Therapist, Enneagram Workshop Facilitator, Purveyor of EnneaApp.com

what do you want your meetings to do?


  • choose who is seen or not during video meetings

    • Have team meetings where everyone is visible at the same time.
    • Host a panel discussion where every expert is visible simultaneously or 1 at a time (pin-in/x-out using pin-the-bar).
    • Have control over who is visible, when and how, even hide participants.
  • give interactive online trainings and webinars

    • Make others moderators for simultaneous whiteboard use, or sharing – no gavel passing. 
    • Ask participants to request to speak or volunteer for interactive teaching demonstrations.
    • Use chat, q and a or polls for questions and whiteboard or blackboard for teaching.
  • fill a distance gap in the boardroom or classroom

    • Host a travel-free, day-long venue for local & international clients, host separate workshops in breakout rooms.
    • Broadcast your live classes to students anywhere there is internet access.
    • Have your CEO join the boardroom meeting or hotel-conference from abroad.


  • manage projects and materials

    • Set-up materials by project or client using studio room-links for each.
    • Leave it for later – Stop a meeting anywhere, leave shared slides and notes for next time.
    • Offer access to materials between meetings to shared library files.
  • manage speaker panel or presenters with breakout rooms

    • Use a green room to prepare speakers privately. 
    • Employ “subconferences” – “side-bars” during/prior to polls, q & a or live-text-chat.
    • Check-in 1-on-1 with speakers before they join the main meeting.
  • simplify the process for participants to join and meet you

    • Provide a preset link in advance to re-use seamlessly for special projects, by client or in general.
    • Send an email invite during, from inside the meeting on-the-fly – user clicks link in email to join.
    • Remove barriers for others joining online meetings – dropped “video calls,” avoid spyware, adware, downloads, desktop-crowding icons, software loading on start-up that causes conflicts or hijacks computer resources (camera, microphone, memory), firewall issues.


  • manage incoming appointments or participants

    • Have an orientation area – check-in with first-time video participants privately
    • Have a private reception area or lobby for clients who may be waiting for your appointment.
    • manage a volume of incoming participants during an online conference with a lobby 
  • maximize your time managing clients and staff

    • Take interviews, clients or meetings back to back, or simultaneously – each remaining private.
    • Allow your tech or editor to remotely access your desktop to work on a project with you.
    • Manage staff at their desks without leaving yours 
  • delegate portions of event and registration administration

    • Automate registration, require a password for paid events, customize follow-up emails and branding.
    • Allow your assistant to take sign-ups during a workshop privately in breakout rooms.
    • Allow your assistant or co-leader to start or continue a meeting without you.

get to goodies

catch that glimpse

  • catch a glimpse – iPad and desktop April 29, 2015

    • Using the same internet connection, one person connects to @seekcollab to demonstrate how easy it is by logging in twice – once from desktop on Chrome and once from iPad using the mobile app.
    • Just a quick unplanned test – and a neat example of how lovely mobile can look! (No, I wasn’t planning to be seen – but you get over needing to be perfect pretty fast the more you do it. It was more important to show how great mobile works. Shannon)

    What can you see yourself doing now?

    Top is webcam, Bottom is iPad. Logged in twice using same internet connection. Just think of how easy it is to practice when you can do it independently of a buddy. Though, a buddy is good, too!


    What can you see yourself doing now?

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