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I mean you really made it!

You are successful. You founded or work with a business that harnesses purpose, maybe even passion. At the very least what you do is valuable. Focus on this for a moment. Feels good, right? Now….Think about this….

When was the last time you felt like you could really relax and leave work (like, forget about it)? Even if you love what you do, are you still sort of dreading how unorganized it feels? Making jokes about your “success mess”?  Or, you are hoping your team can pull it off for you…..

See, great people can make up for your lack of structure, systems and strategies.  But, you risk burning them out, especially if you plan to grow. Instead, imagine everyone’s efforts being an investment that compounds with interest vs. barely keeping up with the work at hand.  Now, what is possible?

Let’s face it. Success can be messy, lonely, and too much pressure sometimes. Mindset is key. 

This key way of being (mindset) needs woven in to your systems, strategies and structures so it builds your brand, culture, clientele in predictable, exciting ways.  

It’s a huge part of how and why I created the AIM coaching method to easily access your most authentic experience of success, including how you really want your business to run and feel to you, your team and clients.  That way this is what goes into your systems. 

Each day you wait to cultivate your mindset, implement ways to duplicate dependable outcomes, and reduce unnecessary repetitive work you lose money, time and peace of mind (yours or your team’s, trust me). The long-term 3-R’s (repeat/referral/residual business) suffer, too. 

Such details may seem dull because you’ve not been taught how to engage your uniqueness as part of the process. I work with you to weave the things you love, value and prize into this fabric that supports you and your business a very long time. If you are going to make this much effort, how about creating a legacy? 

I learned from my mentor, Chet Holmes, to use P+P’s (protocols and procedures) to triple an already successful business using my background and unique gift for organizing operations. 

Today, my coaching method uses my Organic Organizing Matrix II, my university level work on duplication and my aim coaching method to help you build a foundation for a legacy business. We cultivate a success mindset that allows purpose to infuse your (P+P’s protocols and procedures) with your brand, culture and clientele in predictable, engaging ways. Emphasis on engaging. This translates into long-term legacy success!

Are we a fit?

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Of course we are still sharing our best stuff that we use with our clients and inner circle! 

listen to a two minute exercise written and narrated by Shannon Seek on using aim

The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey

Since 2004, Shannon Seek, founder of Seek Solutions, is regarded as one of our most trusted partners! Thank you, Shannon!
— Tami Harmon, Operations Manager, FranklinCovey | Global Speed of Trust Practice and Private Client