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live demo @seekcollab cloud-based video (Vaas) + high-end online collaboration for your best clients and inner circle

Here are some things you can do using @seekcollab-enterprise event automation tools….

  • customize your event registration page by event room

  • manage contacts by event

  • automate confirmation and follow-up

  • set-up is unique to each event page/room

  • save, update and reuse your page set-ups to only do the work once!

  • customize the after event landing pages for moderators and participants

event registration page live demo

(iframe, embedded live demo registration page)

  • (use the scroll arrows to move things to enter your name or read)

  • The event automation tools included in my seekcollab-plus service made registration and follow-up easy, especially since concierge services at Seek Solutions were available to hire to do it for me.

    I answered a few questions for the set-up, then was able to send students to a registration page to get started. I’ve even been able to share the integrated video and audio recording of my 2-hour cloud-based video conferences immediately after class, password-protected, with a click of a button. 

    Elan BenAmi, M.A., Couples Therapist, Enneagram Workshop Facilitator, Purveyor of EnneaApp

  • My goal is for you to say – ‘This is so easy I’m telling all of my friends….

    My goal is for you to say – ‘This is so easy I’m telling all of my friends about @seekcollab cloud-based video conferencing, chat and sharing. I can use it for my meetings, teaching and training in place of  Skype® or the last generation webinar system I’ve been tolerating. There is even a cool training tour – sign up for it!’  — Shannon Seek  founder,

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